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January 01, 2012

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BENEFITING: The Nature Conservancy

ORGANIZER: Summit Series


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Sagolsem Inaobi


Summit Series wrote -

JUST ADDED: SUBMARINE ADVENTURE...Anyone who donates $250 or more is entered to win...scroll down for awesome prizes...

Last spring, with Summit at Sea fast approaching, we asked our community a simple questions: "What is one thing that you, your company, or your industry can do to protect the ocean?"

The answers we received were funny, poignant, and creative. We posted them on as part of a competition to go shark tagging at Summit with the University of Miami. 

One attendee had a particularly innovative response. Kristofor Lofgren, founder of Bamboo Sushi, the country's first sustainable sushi restaurant, presented the idea to use revenue from his restaurant to help create marine protected areas where fish could find sanctuary and reproduce.

The shark tagging expedition had an immediate impact. Blake Mycoskie announced a shark shoe for 2012 and committed $25,000 to the University of Miami's shark program.

Kristen Bell talked about the 200,000 sharks slaughtered daily for their fins on the Tonight Show. 

The campaign hit millions. 

Then we got a call from Kristofor. He had a $250,000 check and a plan: "Let's create a marine protected area together." 

Turns out, twenty miles from where the ship anchored at Summit at Sea there's a sanctuary that needs help. It's one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the Bahamas and was named a marine protected area (MPA) a decade ago.

But it's a sanctuary only in name. There's no infrastructure, not a single enforcement, officer, and no protection.

The Nature Conservancy needs $500,000 to get the park running. Thanks to Kristofor, Bamboo Sushi and others, we've raised more than 400K. 

Now we're turning to the most giving community we know--all of you--to help with the last $100,000. 

Tim Ferriss has already offered a $25,000 match and Tony Hsieh just announced that he will also match every dollar up to $25,000.

Get involved. Donate what you can.

Even better... donate and join our team and become a fundraiser. 

We know you are the most connected people on the planet, so let's kick those networks into action.

Summit Series events last three days. This is an opportunity to make an impact that will last a lifetime. 

If you give at least $25 right now, you'll automatically be entered to win a Prize Package from Quiksilver. 

Also, if you give $100 or more right now, you'll be entered to win a $1000 Zappos Gift Card. Check out all the boring rules below. 

Rules- Win a Quicksilver Prize Package

Rules- Win a $1000 Zappos Gift Card

Rules- Win a spot with OceanGate Expeditions on a Submarine Expedition Off the Coast of South Florida up to 600 Feet Deep Donation amount: $250

The Team: $101,138 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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