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CROWDRISE : Mar 09, 2012
Tax ID: 20-1827517
BASED: Issaquah, WA, United States


Our Mission

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Sunrise for Children is a non-profit organization that is committed to fighting the growing crisis of human trafficking and child slavery. We are dedicated to helping oppressed children locally, in Washington, and globally by raising awareness and giving assistance to victims. Sunrise for Children wishes to be a light of hope for these children through our efforts. 

Over the last year we raised over $100,000 through fundraising and events that went towards supporting two anti-trafficking organizations overseas and two local charities in WA.

CHO Project (Cambodian Hope Organization):Donated over $20,000.  Dr. Ghorbanian, the founder of Sunrise for Children, went over to the Rehabilitation Center and preformed dental work on all of the children and women at the center.  Our monetary donation brought supplies and electricity to their village.


Mercy Centre:  Donated over $10,000.  Dr. Ghorbanian made a trip to visit the Mercy Centre that currently houses over 70 individuals with HIV/AIDS from the sex trade.  The Mercy Centre also teaches the children living in the slums so they can grow up to live a better quality of life.  Our contribution helped bring supplies to this organization and helped with the clean-up from the flooding last fall.

BEST (Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking):Working here in WA to engage businesses to do their part in the community to help stop human trafficking. www.bestalliance.orgor

Arts Aftercare: A program that started in WA that provides resources for trained arts therapists and artists of all kinds to engage in the healing process with survivors of human trafficking.

Tax ID: 20-1827517


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