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Sunset Lions Club of Big Bear, Inc.

Sunset Lions Club of Big Bear, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Feb 20, 2012
Tax ID: 33-0698400
BASED: Big Bear Lake, CA, United States

Sunset Lions Club of Big Bea...

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My name is Linda Peroutka. I am the current President of the Sunset Lions Club here in Big Bear, California.  The Sunset Lions Club has embraced my project, but I could use your help. 

In 2008,  I heard about the poor conditions at the Pineridge Reservation in a letter from a volunteer who was working there at the time.  I started collecting warm clothes and blankets to take to Pineridge.  It took until February 2009 to be able to pull off the first trip, and then I was able to go again this past November. The November 2009 trip was really expensive-$795. for the truck, trailer and gas.  Please understand that I provide all of my own lodging and meal expenses; none of the donations are used for personal expenses.  Since that first trip in 2009, I have made 3 trips.  The fifth to be in November 2012.  The November 2011 trip cost $2775.00 for the truck and gas. That is paid for with donations.  My personal expenses were $557 for food and lodging.  There is approximately $300 left for the next trip in November. 

In 2010, I started a new fundraising  tactic-an opportunity drawing to raise funds for the transportation costs.  At that time I had been canvassing local business firms for donations for goods or gift certificates to add to my prize poster.  The more prizes the easier it is to sell the tickets.  Any cash donation would add to the funds raised by the opportunity drawing.  The recipients in Pineridge would like me to make this trip on a yearly basis, but it is difficult to do.  All donations are appreciated.  And will receive a tax-deductible receipt from the Sunset Lions Club.  All donations can be sent to the following address:


Sunset Lions Club of Big Bear Lake

P.O. Box 6692

Big Bear Lake, Ca 92315


Thank you,

Linda Peroutka


Sunset Lions of Big Bear Lake

Tax ID: 33-0698400


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