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Suparmin Sinuang Raharjo's Fundraiser:

Save the earth from the garbage, hazardous waste

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Suparmin Sinuang Raharjo


Plastics, From and Return Being Oil and Plastic waste has become a major problem world,

Short Summary
I hereby:
1. Name : Suparmin Sinuang Raharjo
2. Age :53 Years
3. Gender : Male
4. Occupation : Researcher and Inventor tool
5. Address : Jln. Merapi Raya Blok. A no.3 Kalibagor RT.06 / RW.05
Kabupaten. Banyumas – Propinsi. Jawa Tengah – Negara. Indonesia

And I since the Indonesian government declared the innovator, in 2010 I made a tool recycling / waste plastic into fuel oil (BBM) and the results of similar processes: (1). Gasoline, (2). Solar, (3). Kerosene. August 2012 discovery tool has won the innovation competition levels: district, provincial, national and has been in the agenda book right at the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia as an Indonesian Innovation 104 Prospective Winner 2012 in the field of energy.

The purpose of this tool we created is the first to eliminate plastic waste that is harmful to the safety of the environment in an instant of time and the result of the process is the alternative fuel, fuel oil instead of Earth.

What We Need Funding For
Session Footage taken in the testing race, for the concurrent release of smoke coming out of oil due to the pipe connecting the exhaust fumes are not installed because of lag. And in this video seen that this tool can process garbage / waste plastic and also can stream 3 different fuels and ready for use.

What You'll Get
Feel free to contribute any amount you spend, we will utilize to manufacture tools and we will contribute back to the community that any society can directly destroy their environment and utilize plastic waste produced fuel oil consumption for the sake of saving the Earth. And we will contribute tools with a capacity of at least 10 kg of plastic waste is dry and clean with the results of the 10 liters of fuel desired by the assumption:

1. Destalator tool raw material processing capacity of 10 Kg Stainless and the price for one unit of this tool worth Rp 2.250,000 or around $ 225 USD
2. Target production tools and the 250 Unit cost breakdown as follows: 250 units of X Rp 2.250,000 / $ 225 USD = Rp 562.500,000 million / $ 56,2500 USD
3. And if the contributor expects these tools can directly contact us via email:
4. Equipment will be sent by the applicant and the applicant's address subject to the appropriate shipping address respectively.
5. Free treatment we gave her a brochure and DVD Videos

The Impact
By contributing indirectly, you've stated, as people care about the environment and Earth's heroes and saviors also expressed as a contributor to their community would be a cheap fuel.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you are not able to contribute, does not mean that you can not help!
We can not force / ask you or anyone to please us and our campaign for environmental purposes is on Facebook, Twitter, Google, email, or any way you can help us and to the success of this noble cause,

Thank you very much! We greatly appreciate your help.

Cast and Crew
Ir, Suparmin Sinuang Raharjo



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