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Dear Nurses of 6N,

Ever since my daughter was born, I have been thinking about how difficult life must be for single moms and what super-women they are. Doing laundry, yardwork, chaffeuring, making dinner, paying for groceries and bills... bearing all of this responsibility on your own on your own while holding down a full-time job as the only bread-winner seems like an impossible challenge to me.

On our unit we have three exceptional techs (probably more than 3, but I haven't had the opportunity to get to know the new ones yet) who are also single moms. Adrienne, Brandie, and Carol have been working here since I started as a nurse, and I have incredible admiration for each of them.

Each of these women works incredibly hard here on the unit, often sitting down even less frequently than we do. I don't need to tell you that they are largely responsible for keeping our patients free from pressure ulcers by doing such careful baths and by helping us turn (and often even reminding us that it is time to turn a person). Each of them takes special care with families and demonstrates great empathy and compassion with patients, especially the most vulnerable and dependent folks. They literally deal with poop all day and often take on jobs that none of us want to do. I worked as a tech for two and a half years, and I can tell you that it is very physically demanding to pull and lift and turn and hold heavy people day after day, especially when you get your $1000 paycheck and remember that you only make $13/hour.

I thought I would send out a call to see if we could do something special this Christmas for these women that we depend on so heavily and ask so much of. In some industries people receive bonuses or turkeys or special gifts at this time of year. Since health system budgets don't allow for this, do you think we could pool our resources and give each of them a gift?

If it is not within your family budget, please don't worry. No pressure. Not everyone will be able to contribute. But if you would like to and are able to make a contribution, I would like to facilitate this. You can hand cash to Betty Burgner or me (Kristen Muehlhauser) and we will add it to the pot. Or you can give online through a website called All of the contributions will be pooled and divided evenly among the five techs on our unit (Brandie, Adrienne, Carol, Anna, and Bobbi). They'll get a cash gift before Christmas from all of us.

We have nurse appreciation week, so I'm trying to think of this month as tech appreciation month. Besides the gift-giving part, I'd also like them to know how much we value them. If you have time, think about filling out a note card with what you appreciate about each tech.

Kristen Muehlhauser, RN

P.S. We have 26 nurses on our unit, so in order to give each tech a $200 gift, we would need to give an average of $38 each-- about 2 hours of work time pay. Again, no pressure.



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