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The Superyou Fundation Inc

The Superyou Fundation Inc
CROWDRISE : Jun 30, 2016
Tax ID: 45-5277488
BASED: New York City, NY, United States


Be a superhero.

In partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization to increase empathy in schools worldwide, the SuperYou FUNdation is a "superhero" curriculum with a capital "FUN."

The mission of the educational arts and music-based 501C3, the SuperYou FUNdation ("SYF"), is for youth to notice and celebrate the superhero qualities in themselves and others so that they feel inspired to positively impact their communities. 

The curriculum enhances student self-worth, enabling young students and the teachers who model the curriculum, to feel valued for their unique strengths.  

Through writing, presenting, critical thinking, collaborating, music, performance, and art, students connect to their unique “superpowers.”

Then, holding each other accountable as superheroes, and acting from the “do good” place of superhero empowerment, students collaborate on social good missions to help their communities.


The SYF is impacting over 100 schools and thousands of youth worldwide, with over 300 schools and counting on the waiting list. 

It is currently the curriculum that is empowering District 75 in NYC, the largest Special Needs district in the world

The SYF curriculum inspires collaboration and community and fosters a culture of empathy, tolerance, and respect. 

As a result of the SYF program, quantitative and qualitative data have been compiled that clearly indicate a dramatic rise in test scores, positive behavioral trends, an increase in student engagement and participation, attendance, as well as a decrease of on-site school incidents involving violence.


Now put on your superhero masks and imagine...


What if there was a music and arts-infused class in school where students get a true connection to their own STRENGTHS, FEARS, and OBSTACLES?


What if students are able to learn about what matters most to them at an early age, feeling confident that THEIR VOICE HAS VALUE.


What if students organically notice and celebrate the strengths of others, effortlessly creating a school culture of KINDNESS, TOLERANCE, and RESPECT?

Help us teach our youth to know with every fiber of their being that THEIR LIVES MATTER.  


Be a superhero!  Join the movement.

Tax ID: 45-5277488 •


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