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This is from a dear old friend of mine.

"Many of you know that our daughter, Emalee, has recently been diagnosed with Chiari. She has become progressive in a very short time. To date she has had 4 seizures and suffers from many of the debilitating symptoms associated with Chairi. These symptoms have limited her participation in high school and typical teenage activities severely. She will be undergoing a 72 hour EEG and associated testing very soon. We found out the neurosurgeon has decided on surgery and is waiting for the results from the test and then the surgery will be scheduled. The stress of not knowing and just waiting has taken an emotional toll on all of us, especially Emalee. Her recent seizure was during a class and she was transported by ambulance to the hospital, adding to her stress because all of her classmates witnessed it.

I have been diagnosed, additionally, with an aneurysm and scheduled for 5 different MRI procedures to determine the best treatment for me. All of these medical visits, tests and resulting prescriptions have various co-payments due at the time of the visit. We have insurance through CJ's work, but the co-payments have exceeded our income. We have struggled every month to pay our rent and put food and necessities in our home while making sure we are addressing the medical needs that we have. We are not living extravagantly, and everyone in our household is and has been making sacrifices. Jax would love to play soccer, but we cannot afford it. We would love to take the kids to a movie once a month or even to Mc Donald's, but we can't. And we all understand why it is this way. There are things far more important for us to have right now. We need a safe vehicle for my mother-in-law to take us to school and to all of our appointments because of my own Chairi, I have no driver's license. We need help with our medical costs. These are the IMPORTANT and URGENT needs. We are open to your ideas if you have any solutions for us!

We are worried that both Emalee and I will need to have surgery at or near the same time and how we will possibly handle those costs, or how we will choose if one of us would have to wait! CJ is looking for a second job, but has not yet found one. We are doing all that is humanly possible and it is falling short of our needs.

It is not a good time for anyone right now, we understand that, but we are asking if you can find it in your heart to send us even one dollar as a gift it would be used for all that we have mentioned here. If you could pray for us and send positive thoughts our direction, that is also appreciated. We do not have a foundation or tax# and any monetary gifts are not tax deductible. There is no foundation to help Chiarin's with costs at this time. We have foundations for awareness but not to help those in monetary need. I am the founder of Zipperheads For Chiari on Facebook, but it is an awareness and support group only and this appeal for support and help is not in any way connected to the Facebook Zipperheads group. We are in the early stages of planning a fundraiser for Emalee but I am not sure it will materialize before her treatment or surgery. We will keep everyone posted about this. My daughter is very sick and as a parent I am panicked and struggling to deal with all of it and the reality of both our situations. Any help would be greatly appreciated by our entire family."

Now I know that we all face hard times, but as you can see, my friends need help. They are good people who do not deserve the plight that they have, but, through it all they have dealt with it with the utmost determination, and love for each other.
I would ask anyone reading this to please help out with whatever you can... I can think of no better cause.



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