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Support Circle

We Care About the Woman in an Unplanned Pregnancy, Not Just Her Decision Tax ID 94-2937281


One-half of all pregnancies in America are unplanned.  Of those, 75% of the women know what they're going to do (either carry the baby to term or abort).  Support Circle exists to help the one out of every four women in a unplanned pregnancy who may be scared, confused, or conflicted.  Our licensed counselors work with our clients and their male partners (if the woman wants them involved) to grapple with the issues that are making them conflicted about their pregnancy.  

Support Circle is a licensed medical clinic and counseling center dedicated to providing time, space and support to women in unintended pregnancies.  Our focus is on helping them make healthy, well-informed choices in line with their own beliefs and values.  We care about the woman and not just her decision.  

Our clients love our relational approach built on respect, trust and confidentiality.  AND we work with the woman for a full year after her pregnancy, no matter what she decides, to help her face her issues head-on.  We offer counseling for the woman, couple and family and help address issues like substance abuse, past trauma, violence or sexual abuse, mental health career issues, and numerous other conflicts.  We also provide referrals to other organizations and commuity groups for housing, food, insurance and other support.

Support Circle is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all of our services are free of charge.