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Nothing is of greater value to me than to help the helpless.



My dear friends,

Your visiting my page mean a lot to me and to the birds residing at Under My Wing Avian Refuge.

My name is Paula, I am the founder of this wonderful and worthy nonprofit organization. My aim is to receive $10 a bird to offset the cost of their needs such as food, toys, veterinary cost and more.

Since Storm Sandy the economy damage Storm Sandy has left us many people in has taken also a toll on our incoming donations and prices for up-keeping with the needs of rescued and surrendered birds has not diminished. The refuge does not receive State or Government funding, we rely solely on your support for the care of unwanted, abused and physically challenged birds. Many of whom are not adoptable and require a lifetime permanent care.

I have set a minimal donation of $10 and a total goal of $1,000 but I sure hope that your kindness will help us raise more to help offsetting the high cost of caring for parrots for this year.

We are also in need of individuals who would consider and can: virtually adopting a bird, volunteer on and off-site, fundraisers, and items such as; toys especially for Macaws and Cockatoos, new towels, cleaning supplies and much more. To help with these needs please send me an email to receive an accurate and up to date list of needs. paula@exoticbirdsrefuge.org.

We appreciate the vast support you are wiling to give us and would very much like to build a long lasting relation with you, in order to continually give you updates the happenings at the refuge as well as on the birds.

We sure hope to gain your trust and help our organization as you open your heart to your willingness to donate and help with areas that you are able to.

Donations are Tax Exempt. We send out yearly statements between Jan 1 to Jan 30 each year unless you request one earlier if needed.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read my plea on behalf of the birds needs.

Thank you for your kindness.

Paula N Ashfield

Nothing is of greater value to me than to help the helpless. Serving the needs of helpless parrots is only one demonstration of my dedication and deep love for animals.

Paula N Ashfield
Under My Wing Avian Refuge
EIN: 26-1470517
NJ State/Sussex County Trade Name Certificate No. 0016761
NJ Nonprofit Corporation Certification No. 0400205972
NJ Wildlife Permit No. PS 2011145
NJ Wildlife Permit No. SH 201022

Our Mission

We continually make a significant difference in the lives of exotic birds who are physically or behaviorally challenged and with issues that necessitate careful lifetime care as well as secure a suitable home for the adoptable birds. In addition, we promote public awareness and educate the public about birds, responsible ownership, health issues and more. Simultaneously, we fulfill to full to capacity the mission set forth in our bylaws, strengthen the weak areas of our operation and expand operation not to exceed beyond our means as well as implementing a strategic plan intended to meet all programmatic, organizational, operational, and community efforts.

We serve the unwanted, abused, neglected, abandoned, sick, and intolerable behavioral parrots entrusted to our care from prior owners, NJSPCA, St Hubert’s Animal Control and other animal rescue organizations.

Visit our website: http://www.exoticbirdsrefuge.org.org
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