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Supporting Single Parents

Supporting Single Parents
CROWDRISE : Sep 25, 2017
Tax ID: 82-1893038
BASED: Reading, MA, United States


Supporting Single Parents

Struggling Single-Parent

Let’s Make a Difference in the Lives of Struggling Single-Parents & their Children.

Helping Hands, Caring Heart!!

Supporting Single Parents International is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Reading, Massachusetts. It is devoted to empowering, educating, emotionally encouraging, mentoring, and practically assisting single parents and their children to live better and more successful and productive lives by freeing them from poverty, violence, hunger, and homelessness. The organization holds support groups, participates in community outreach & advocacy, hosts workshops, and has mentoring programs.

We all know that it is difficult and expensive to raise children. Being a single parent is tough and the daily challenges of caring for children are innumerable. We believe that effective parenting leads to successful and well-adjusted children who will be productive to our communities in the long run. Society sometimes frames single-parent families as a social problem and are viewed as being poor-decision makers, lazy, welfare-grabbing baby-makers and blamed for their being in poverty, but sometimes this is not true.

Single-Parents families form not by choice, but because of different circumstances and all desire the best for their loved ones. Some of these families are headed by widows, widowers, grandparents raising their grandchildren & single-parents adopting children. Some of these single parents don’t qualify to receive government assistance at all & some who receive some child support hang in limbo waiting for it & sometimes it doesn’t arrive or when it arrives, they end up paying it to attorneys to help them pursue it.

Please, make a donation today to make a difference in the lives of struggling single-parents & their children.

Tax ID: 82-1893038 •


Supporting Struggling Single Parents

Supporting Struggling Single…

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