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The desire of Magnetic Image Ministries is to help improve the grades and the graduation rate of inner city schools located in Metro Atlanta. It's been reported that the graduation rate for many of these schools is less than 50%.
A portion of this problem stem from a high rate of violence in and around the schools. This violence is often committed by people who seldom, if ever attend the schools. Some students are intimidated by bullies as they go to school and when returning home. There seems to be a growing lack of School pride in many students. This could be another factor in the students failure rate. We intend to help increase pride for their school, as well as increase pride in the communities for the schools. We are creating t-shirts, caps, jackets and book bags that are imprinted with a positive message to put in their minds and on the minds of residents living inside and outside of their communities. To create a healthy pride in their abilities to succeed again, and a new pride for their schools. With your generous support these students will begin to believe that their parents as well many other people inside and outside their neighborhoods are truly concerned for their success. We know that our children are our greatest resource. This is true no matter who you are or where you live. With your help these deserving children will have opportunity to become productive and valuable citizens. Not only valuable to their community, but valuable to their city, their state, their country and to the world wherein WE all live together. As a result the students who show a significant improvement in their grades and demonstrate a positive example of maturity and leadership among their peers will receive valuable rewards. Each individual school will receive valuable rewards also. This is an S O S call for help for our children. Through this S O S program,  SUPPORT OUR SCHOOLS. Please contribute to our effort and help us to make this worthy dream  become a reality in the lives of our students and create a healthy environment in the schools that they attend.



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