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The larger south eastern lowlands of Kenya are generally dry for the better part of the year. Rains are often below average and have overtime been getting scanty, sometimes lasting for up to 8 years for substantial rains to be experienced. Although the population of the area relies on agriculture (food crops and cattle rearing) for their survival, crop failure is a constant experience. Water is scarce, really scarce! There are no rivers flowing and people have to travel far and wide to get the resource. People have been putting up with these vagrancies of nature, but like you would expect, in a hard way. Starvation is a common experience. Any being who has ever experienced the ordeals of starvation shall tell you that it is not a pleasant experience; a desperate condition in which you are devoid of energy, weak, frail and weary, in dire need for food. Six in 10 families have to contend with one meal per day (a 4.00pm meal prepared to serve as late lunch and early supper (with little or no breakfast!) in fact it’s against a background of own experience with starvation that I am constantly reminded of the plight of the hungry and have always felt like I have a moral obligation to act. With the above in existence, education, a tool that can break such a viscous circle of poverty, is adversely affected. Absenteeism out of hunger is high. As a matter of retaining attention and active participation in class, some school heads have devised early morning porridge breakfast to at least make the learners energized for the learning to take place. Brilliant pupils from poor backgrounds end up terminating their studies prematurely and this further perpetuates the status quo. The Alliance for Regional Development (AFRD) It’s against the above background that, through the support of the church leadership, I initiated a program dubbed Alliance for Regional Development (AFRD) 1. AFRD is facility formed to enable regional development in Makueni County, Eastern Kenya. The facility works on the concept of a Special purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the quest to address development challenges in the area. SVP in the sense that it is functioning as a means to an end towards pursuing envisaged goals and aspirations which by their attainment will mean solutions to the challenges befalling our community. We hold it as a development model that we hope we shall roll it across the nation. Key point towards institution of AFRD is to form a structured and credible way with which we can solicit and mobilize individual scarce resources to address contemporally challenges in our community. AFRD is set to work on the following thematic areas:  End Poverty and Hunger;We are determined to end hunger and poverty in all its forms and to ensure that our people live dignified lives. We have resolved to free our people from the tyranny of impoverishment.  Water Solutions;We have a goal to ensure access to clean water in sufficient quantity and quality for all and at all times in a reliable way  Decent work and enhanced incomes;Develop and promote economic activities that enable our people to get decent work, enhanced incomes and productivity to their potential. We shall work to create market structures that support economic activities which involve decent work and better incomes for our people  Civic rights;To champion for civil rights, promote civic consciousness, serve as a watchdog, encourage and promote work ethics in pursuit of efficient and effective service delivery for current and future generations. To advocate for and promote prudence in the use of public resources.  Education, innovation and industry;Create market structures that support economic activities which involve decent work, better incomes for dignified lives of our people. Foster innovation, human capacity development and skill set enrichment.  Social development and livelihoods;To appreciate, cherish and recognize excellence in provision of public service, responsibility to the community and contribution to humanity at individual, corporate and at institution levels.  Liaison and advocacy;To act as a link between the people and the constituency and county government on matters concerning development of the region. Our organization will act as a formal interface between the community and the county government as well as with the leadership of the CDF in matters of development. We shall mutually and actively engage with our authorities to assist them in their service deliver to people and as a consequence be able to address our challenges. Our goal: Through AFRD we are seeking for your support in order to facilitate our budget which comprises of sinking of boreholes, purchase of water tanks and a piping system for effective distribution of water to designated central areas. For sustainable livelihoods we intend to invest in Human capacity development through sponsorship of brilliant and needy learners, skills development through running of talent, arts and technology incubation center. We also intend initiate and foster economic activities that entail decent work and sustainable incomes for the society to meet their daily material requirements. Your support will also go a long way towards supporting these other social economic development agendas as envisaged by the group.


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