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May 04, 2011

“Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up."-Jesse Jackson  See more
Jax Nguyen


Hey everyone!

I recently visited Kenya in April of 2011. I stayed at an all boys orphange that housed 37 boys ranging from ages 4 to 26. I started off my trip thinking i'd be helping out a little here and here. I taught Taekwondo and stayed with the boys during the entire length of my stay.  I was able to experience their living conditions and also understand their stories.

These boys came from families where they were abandoned, beaten, treated poorly and so much more that would BLOW your mind. The most amazing part was that they smiled everyday. They never once complained. I was there to help them. In reality, they were there to help me.

One of the moments that really stuck with me was the night I left. We had a farewell party. The boys knew I was leaving, but reality didn't set in for either of us yet. Peter, a 12 year old boy approached me. He was extremely withdrawn in the beginning of my stay. As the week passed, he really started to warm up to me. He became less shy and really got into my Tae Kwon Do classes. Before leaving, he hugged me goodbye. As I let go he started crying. He said :" Are you really going to come back? People always say that." In this moment I KNEW I had to come back.

These boys truly captured my heart. They live in a way that they find acceptable for themselves, but I do not. I believe they deserve more. These boys are smart and are capable of so much. Just like any other kid, they need resources. They need support. I am hoping to return to Sure 24 during my next school break(probably winter). In the mean time I hope to to raise 5K by August. It seems like a lot, but we have time and nothing is impossible. I'm hoping that you guys find it in your heart to help me. Sure 24 is building an all girls orphange.


Money raised will go towards:

  • The new all girls orphange
  • Potential REAL soccer field
  • Taekwondo gear: hand and body targets,uniforms
  • Soccer gear
  • Books and school supplies
  • NEW clothes
  • Medical bills(health care is VERY expensive for the boys)


A little goes a long way. I'll fight that til the end. Thanks for all the support.





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