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Surgery for rocky

Organized by: Lenuta Ghita

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Rockye, my 6 yr old extremely active dog needs bilateral TTA (CCL) surgery. I need to raise $4,000 to cover surgery
My Heart is Breaking and I am in Tears as I write, with my girl right next to me....We adopted Rockye from O.F.O.S.A after falling in love with her photo on facebook. She had basically spent all of her young life in a shelter / rescue, had been adopted and returned 3 times because of her excessive energy.

She has been the most challenging, (physically and emotionally), the most expensive, and the most loving dog I have ever loved. Through it all I can honestly say I have loved more than any other dog and after Reba I never thought that was possible. Her “energy” is beyond anything I have ever seen, I have raised “Healers” that required a lot of exercise, but Rocky is wired beyond just an active working dog, she trues is a “special needs” girl. Perhaps someone with special skills could have done much better with her, but no one would love her more. 

Despite my limitations and challenges I was determined to give her all she needed, so we went to the park, played Frisbee and ball every day. After she blew out my shoulder because of her intense pulling, I bought a Mobility scooter to be able to take her on runs. A 3 mile run was just a warm up for her, then it was running and playing several times a day. I even bought her a portable pool because she loved the water soo much, it went every where she did. Our family time was going to the park for free runs. This girl was born to run, in fact it was almost as if walking was uncomfortable/ unnatural for her, and that meant a constant struggle on the leash for us. She has 2 speeds, full out and only after lots of activity, she becomes a complete snuggle bug, the most loving dog ever...

Life changed for us when she injured her Left CCL in January 2014. That began a long frustrating journey, having to restrict her activity has been the most challenging for her and us. The vet couldn't even get a good examination on her because she was so hyper – I had given her extra calming to no avail. He wanted to just put her under and do surgery. I did a lot of research and we decided that based on her behavior, the requirements for recovery and the type of surgery, that it was not our best option. We confined her to small areas of the house, on a leash at all times, gave her hundreds of dollars of supplements.She would get better, then she would go crazy on a short leash. She couldn't stand or walk, but is was/is impossible to keep her from pulling, running, spinning circles. I just physically can't contain her strick enough 24/7! But she did get better and better, and when she did have an episode she recovered quicker. BUT we never were able to give her full access to the house or yard, if we ever did she would take off like a race horse and of course be lame again.

Then sometime ago she started to favor her right leg and then she would be on and off on both legs. A couple of times I came home from work to find her doing a front paw stand after going zoomie on her dad earlier that evening. We might have a week or 2 where she wasn't fully limping but we still wouldn't give her any freedom, knowing that she would just go crazy. Keep in mind that during all of this she has been on supplements for healing.
About 2 months ago her right leg became noticeably worse.
Finally I took her to a new vet, much more expensive, but a much calmer atmosphere. He specializes in CCL surgery, he says that is is a gentic problem and a matter of when not if she would have had problems, he intense activity just made it sooner. He went into great detail about the 4 different types of surgery and strongly suggests TTA, the most expensive but the quickest recovery and best chance for long term results. He had it done on his Pit and it has worked wonderfully for him for several years, he has full activity. The surgery is $1,920 for each leg and dhe would eed oth done, 6weeks apart. He say's the left leg never healed, but scar tissue has developed to help temporarily stabilize it; however, the added strain of her right leg being bad and if she does ever return to full activity she could tear the scar tissue loose. There is still no guarantee of what she will be able to do, but he is co fident she will have a much improved qualiry of life and the hope that she could run and play again unrestricted. 

She also has had chronic UTI, some I have been able to deal with naturally and she has had to go on antibiotics a few times.So now here we are in the hardest place I have ever been. Rockye is NOT just a Dog, she is our family.
We do not have excess money, our basic needs are met but we live on a fine line, like most people do.
I have already decided that if we can't get the surgery, any funds raised will go to O.F.O.S.A in her honor for all the love and care they gave her. We want to pay it forward so they can continue to help as many fur babies like Rocky as possible. She has had a loved life even if it has been way too short. 

We have loved her and given her the best life we could. Please know that our hearts are breaking. No matter what I have loved this girl with all my heart.

Please give what you can, even $5 will make a difference. Even more importantly, share this with others.
Thank you, 
Lenuta & Adrian


Organized by

Lenuta Ghita

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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