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Surgery for Jen

Organized by: Arthur Munger

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Urgent Update

    The MRI & other tests the doctors had run this past week show that the sinus cavity is closing up. If surgery cannot be done soon enough, it will be necessary to go thru Jen's skull to remove the tumor. This is a much more involved & expensive procedure.

They would like to operate immediately to avoid this cost & danger.

We need about $22,500.



Who is Jen

Jen, a single mother of a 7 year old adopted daughter, is a 34 year old Filipina lady who has a pituitary adenoma (a tumor on the pituitary gland). The tumor has grown to the point that it is causing very serious health problems.

These include but are not limited to severe headaches, vertigo, dizzyness, impaired eyesight, nausia and vomiting, tiredness, severe nose bleeds, and sometimes vaginal bleeding.  Because of the loss of blood, her hemoglobin level is low resulting in the need for periodic blood transfusions and regular iron supplementation.

These difficulties make working all but impossible.

Doctor's Description

Marie Jeniah “Jen” Dimerin has a mass in her brain (brain tumor) known as pituitary macroadenoma. It measures 15.3x12.4x11.5 mm. It is located at the base of the skull.

The procedure that will be performed to remove her brain tumor is endoscopic-guided transphenoidal approach. She will be under general anesthesia. An endoscope will be inserted into the nose to visualize the sphenoid sinus. The sinus will be opened to expose the tumor and it will be removed carefully.

Surgeons : Dr. Steve Glicerio J. Rama – Neurosurgeon, Dr. Roman Cruz – ENT specialist

Anesthesiologist : Dr. Fay Jasmine G. Delos Santos

Endocrinologist : Dr. Athena Marjulie C. Mejia

            All doctors are diplomates and trained on their special fields.

The operation will be performed in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, B. Rodriguez street, Cebu City, Philippines.

Expected Expenses: 900,000

In-house expenses (including room during admission): 150,000

OR fees (including OR materials): 70,000

Laboratory exams, ancillary procedures (including chest x-ray, MRI 2x): 100,000

Medicines (pre-op and post-op): 100,000

Professional fees of Doctors: 400,000

Fares, daily expenses: 80,000

These amounts are in Philippine pesos. One US dollar is approximately 44 Philippine pesos. 

The total amount in US dollars is about $20,455.

Days of confinement: more or less 10 days (if with no complications)

Expected recovery time: 1 month


Jen's Statement 

 I am Marie Jeniah Dimerin, 34 years old, a True believer of Christ and the youngest in the family. I have three brothers and one sister. I was born in Jolo Sulu, one of the islands in southern Philippines. I grew up for 9 years away from my mother. My mother was working in Saudi Arabia for 9 years as a nurse. She left us because she needed to work abroad to support us and her siblings. After 9 years she resigned from her job in Saudi and applied to work in a government hospital in JOLO provincial hospital. I grew up being independent and used to sell a small retail stuffed. During my high school almost everyday my mom baked a cake so we can sell it at school so we can have allowance and food for the following day. I always thank God for his provisions we are able to survived for this hardship.

  My elder sister is a missionary and working in an Open Doors ministry, and my brother is a pastor in Zamboanga City where I grew up.

  I went to Southwestern University in Cebu city for one year but I stopped due to my severe headache. I didn’t have the CT SCAN or MRI yet because we cannot afford it. Last 2007 I had a mild stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) and unconscious for two hours in the hospital, and the doctors told my family I need to have a CT SCAN to see what was affected in the head during the stroke. It was then that they found a blood clot on the left part of my head and the doctor couldn’t believe that I had that because I am still young. So my doctor told my family to send me to Cebu for further test and do MRI to make those clots clear. My family looked for a means so they send me to Cebu together with my dad and mom for further check up since Zamboanga City hospital was not complete and had no MRI machine at that time.

  We went to Cebu doctors hospital to have my MRI, and it was a coincidence that they found out I had this PITUITARY MACROADENOMA. My parents were really shocked and they didn’t know I was suffering from severe head pains. I always keep it to myself for I don’t want to bother them. I don’t want them to worry about me. After the MRI result we went to see an ENDOCRINOLOGIST In Cebu, and advised me to have this surgery but since my parents cannot afford it, because that time my mother is the only working in the family. My dad was jobless. I talked to my parents not to have this surgery because the price is really unaffordable. It was 600k that time. Mom & dad decided not to have my surgery since I  didn’t like them also to worry. So we asked God to heal me completely and asked for a prayer to all our brethren in Christ.

  Thank God for I am able to survive for almost 8 years today I am still alive. But I had just a long suffering of pains, heavy vaginal bleeding, vertigo, and disfunction of my eyesight.

I really had bad symptoms.

And just last month I had my MRI and the adenoma has grown from .07 to 15.3mm. The endocrinologist had told me that I will really have to do the surgery before my eyesight will be totally damaged.


Photo Explanations.

Photo 1.   Recent picture of Jen.

Photo 2   Recent picture of Jen & Gabby.

Photo 3.  Picture of Jen, Gabby & Jen's parents - Gabby's 5th birthday (2013)

Photo 4   Picture of Jen in hospital (This is getting much too common).

Photo 5   Jen & some cousins (and Gabby) early 2015 ministry to children in the area Jen lived before Thphoon Haiyan.

Photo 6   Additional photo of ministry.




1% Raised of $22,500 Goal

  • Jim & Carol


  • Anonymous


  • Sarah


Organized by

Arthur Munger

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

Donor Comments



God bless you Jen you are in my prayers 3 years ago




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Jim & Carol

Jim & Carol

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