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Survival of the Sun Bears



Will sun bears survive without the world's attention? 

Probably not. 

SURVIVAL OF THE SUN BEARS is a documentary made as a conservation call to action, and we're raising funds to complete the post-production of our film.

This movie will be provided FREE to youth, educators, and the public as a way to create awareness about sun bears and their struggle to survive in the Bornean rain forest. People know about the plight of polar bears and pandas, very few people have heard of sun bears. Sun bears are the LEAST studied bear species. Vulnerable to extinction, they are one small step away from the endangered species list. Here are the major issues facing sun bear conservation:

1) Sun bear habitat is being converted into massive mono-cultures of palm tree plantations for palm oil consumption

2) Sun bears are being poached for body parts

3) Sun bears are being held captive in small cages to be milked for bile used in traditional medicines

Now more than ever, our actions (or in-actions) have enormous consequences for wild animals and wild places. Bear Trust International and Wild & Stoked Productions are partnering to address this crisis and provide information about what we can do. We will provide a science-based lesson plan that corresponds with the documentary as a FREE resource to teachers and the public throughout the US and beyond. 

What are conservation actions? Creating awareness, for starters, is what we’re working on. Filmmaker Jocelyn Stokes has been observing sun bears in Borneo for over a year and she has hundreds of hours of amazing footage. Now, we’re raising funds with your help to complete the post-production. As a contributor, you'll be part of the conservation community raising awareness about sun bears. This effort is needed, it can help enact conservation action to save this amazing bear from extinction. When the momentum builds, there are important strategic goals that can only be achieved with wide understanding and collaboration:

1) Legal protection for remaining forest habitat

2) Funding rangers to enforce laws that prevent poaching

3) Outlawing bear farming and bile extraction

Your help is needed. Please contribute what you can to help us deliver the message, and share this page with your community. You can be part of the movement to provide data-rich, science-based education to all our youth, at no cost to schools, which will have enormous conservation rewards as our youth transition into the decision-makers of tomorrow.

Have you ever wanted to be a film producer? Now you can help produce our meaningful movie! Everyone who donates to help fund the post-production of Survival of the Sun Bears will be listed as a film producer on the documentary. Once we reach our funding goal, we'll keep you posted on film’s progress. Please join us. Your action now can help save sun bears and other wild animals that share sun bear habitat! 

Thank you so much! 



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