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Survivorwear Tax ID 81-5139921


Survivorwear is a social enterprise of the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert (CRCD), which serves cancer patients in Imperial County. Survivorwear is a line of garments specifically engineered to meet the needs of individuals dealing with the long or short-term effects of cancer treatment. Survivorwear has been selling and donating its specialized garments to patients and customers since 2014. In 2015, Survivorwear became its own Non-Profit Organization.


Survivorwear is an innovative line of state of the art medical garments created to ease the burden of medical equipment and the pain and discomfort of invasive surgeries and medical treatments. Survivorwear garments accelerate the path back to “normalcy” and speed the healing process promoting the health and wellbeing of cancer patients in Imperial County by providing a practical, emotional, and social intervention that does not exist in the market today.


Some of the garments can be utilized by persons dealing with other illnesses, aside from cancer, whose struggles are similar such as colostomy, nephrostomy, or other incontinence challenges. All these patients need garments that allow them ease and comfort in daily functions. Survivorwear accomplishes this by considering the unique needs of each patient and engineering garments accordingly. The sigh of relief coming from the patients when the garments are worn for the first time and they experience relief from their discomfort is amazing!