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Water Energy Independent Home - Let's build this thing for everyone!

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What I always think about is, how long have we humans been living on earth? At least thousands of years.

How many average people own their home, outright? How many own their water production and treatment? How many own their power? Almost no one. In how many years? Thousands.

This is why we have to do this. We have to establish a benchmark for life for the average person, so that they are strong and self-supporting and can help others to be the same. It is leadership by example and moving forward on basic needs, that still as of today are not met for the majority.

My objective has been to build a demonstration Water and Energy Independent Home (WEIH) that is affordable and transportable. We aim to streamline the process of building a home that requires no outside inputs through this demonstration project.

The home will be constructed in Vista, California in conjunction with a demonstration center that will also serve as a test center for new renewable technology.

This home will provide a benchmark for housing that is INDEPENDENT from outside inputs and affordable, thereby allowing an owner to OWN THEIR HOME, WATER, POWER and FOOD PRODUCTION for about $300 to $500 per month. Once the home is paid off, the owner will have BASELINE NEEDS being met.

The amount of money I am seeking to raise includes the cost of the land where the home will be built plus all equipment and testing including lab testing. For more information, you can see



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