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Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is a large-scale beach cleaning organization focused on inspiring local communities to care for their coastlines. Our 12 core members and countless extended ohana are dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge about the devastating impact marine debris is having on marine life, including our coral reefs, sea birds like the albatross, and thousands of fish species. We organize extensive cleaning operations, working in partnership with recycling companies, other ocean-focused foundations, and the City and County to minimize the impact of debris. All of our findings are reported to NOAA and The Ocean Conservancy, and the numbers are utilized to enable positive legislation in support of clean oceans. Last but not least, we work with a variety of sponsors to create low-impact community events following our cleanups that entertain and enlighten, bringing together musicians, artists, activists, and anyone interested in protecting our oceans in a comfortable, casual environment where they can openly discuss solutions and everyday lifestyle changes.