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CROWDRISE : Oct 12, 2011
Tax ID: 27-3261673
BASED: Kaunakakai, HI, United States



Our Mission

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We are the people of Moloka'i maintaining our island's rich culture and historic legacy of aina momona (abundant land) and embracing modern pathways to a sustainable future.  Our objectives include creating an environmentally, economically, and culturally sustainable and self-sufficient island that serves as a model for Hawaii and the world. We focus on education and advocacy.

As a strong native community, we take kuleana (responsibility) as the architects of our own destiny, knowing that homegrown solutions work best. Although we are a relatively new organization having officially incorporated in early 2010 and received our 501(c)(3) certification in December 2010, we've operated since 2008 as an "ad hoc" group with over 100 volunteers passionate about protecting and finding sustainable solutions for our island. 


Activities and Partnerships: 

Permaculture Research Institute USA (PRI USA) and Alu Like Ho`ala Hou Culture-based At-risk Hawaiian Youth & Families Program.  PRI USA offered a "train the trainer" series to substance abuse counselors providing therapeutic farming as part of their youth treatment program with Hawaiian educators, Homestead farmers and other residents.  Together, they formed a local network of permaculture teachers transferring knowledge to others, a youth mentoring program, and managed major environmental restoration and earth repair projects.  

Aloha Honua Summer Institute.  A 3 week intensive summer program with middle and high-school aged Hawaiian youth with the purpose of inspiring the next generation of Earth Stewards to develop a love and appreciation for their island home as well as their planet.  Our youth were taught a combination of traditional Hawaiian land stewardship and modern permaculture principles in a site specific learning environment.  They were given tools to navigate these two worlds successfully: (1) their one hānau (birthplace) for which their piko (umbilical cord) is attached - an island with a rich heritage and legacy left by their kupuna (ancestors) to guide them still in the ways of living pono (upright, in harmony, balanced with the natural world; and (2) a modern age facing unprecedented global challenges (e.g., climate change, world hunger and poverty, threats to food and energy security, degraded land and watersheds, etc.) for which all must respond collectively and creatively to resolve.

Partnership with local businesses, schools, and the Blue Planet Foundation to swap out incandescent light bulbs for CFLs in 100% of Molokai's households for a 16,000 ton reduction in release of greenhouse gases.

HUI UP! Partnership with Blue Planet  helping families replace their old refrigerators with energy efficient units. Youth interns were trained to mentor and lead their peers in conducting energy audits in 56 Molokai homes participating in the project. Where Moloka’i residents have paid the highest electricity bills in the United States, participating families can save between $150 to $500 annually in utility costs.

Affordable Homes Moloka’i Partnership.  Work with families who are constructing their own homes to implement sustainable practices in their homesteading.


Tax ID: 27-3261673 •


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