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St. Vincent Disaster Relief

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Mally Medley via Crowdrise
December 30, 2013

New donation information posted since Red Cross isn't accepting online donations. Thank you!  See more
Mally Medley


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I left the U.S. to visit my family on the small island of Saint Vincent. On Christmas Eve, St. Vincent and the Grenadines was affected by severe weather. Hours of heavy rains and winds caused massive amounts of destruction, such as flooding, landslides, and loss of lives and homes. So many families were unable to be together due to the terrible road conditions that resulted from the storm. Fifty percent of the island is without fresh, running water. The pediatric unit of the hospital was flooded. There is a need for clothing, shelter, water, and building supplies. Many will be repairing roads, homes, businesses and lives. Others will be mourning the loss of their coworkers, friends, and loved ones. Please help them as they rebuild! Since the International Red Cross is not accepting online donations, please use the information below to donate instead of the red button to your right.

In collaboration with St. Vincent-born recording artist, Kevin Lyttle and his family foundation (Janice Lyttle Foundation) in St. Vincent, a tax exempt Relief Fund (Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund) has been established in the United States to facilitate receipt of financial contributions to support relief efforts through the Red Cross societies of the impacted islands of St. Lucia, Dominica and St. Vincent & Grenadines.

Financial donations (100% tax deductible) can be made in the following ways:

1. Via Check: Make checks payable to “The Miami Foundation” and include the Fund name “Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund” or c/o Janice Lyttle Foundation n the memo line of the check. Mail checks to

The Miami Foundation
200 South Biscayne Boulevard
Suite 505
Miami, FL 33131

2. Via Credit Card: Direct link - :


3. Via Cash Wire Transfer:
JPMorgan Private Bank – DE
500 Stanton Christiana Rd
Newark, DE 19713
EFT/ACH ABA #267 084 131
Wiring ABA # 021 000 021
Account of: The Miami Foundation
Account # 403251668

The Miami Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that works with families, individuals and corporations to further their impact by establishing customized philanthropic vehicles such as this one. Established in 1967, The Miami Foundation has helped hundreds of people create personal, permanent and powerful legacies by establishing custom, charitable funds. With foundation expertise, Fund holders have fostered the arts, awarded scholarships, championed diversity, taught kids to read, and provided food and shelter for the hungry and homeless. More than $160 million in grants and scholarships have been awarded in the Foundation’s 45-year history. Today, the Foundation is steward to more than $170 million in charitable assets.

The Miami Foundation allows the Eastern Caribbean Flood Relief Fund to achieve its philanthropic mission and provides strict oversight and accountability of the Fund by the Board of Trustees of the Miami Foundation. For more information on The Miami Foundation, please visit

Summary of Damage/Casualties Report (reports are still pending)
Courtesy Julia Simmons (As of 12-26-13)
Disaster Coordinator: St. Vincent & Grenadines Red Cross

Reports from the field on Christmas Day, there is no easy way to explain what persons have lost. St. Vincent has suffered. We will certainly love the assistance in the areas of food clothing, bottled water (or rather clean drinking water). Persons were certainly caught off their guard because of preparing for the Christmas Day. Manyare without water in Kingstown and surrounding areas, Vermount and Buccament persons are without pipe-borne water, food and clothing. The water from the springs and rivers cannot be used as dead animals are floating in these waters. Sewerage has ruptured posing a number of health hazards.

Apart from the eight (8) reported deaths, persons have been injured and need medical assistance and cannot be reached. The hospital being flooded ground floor could not retain persons with injuries over night. They were sent back to their homes with prescriptions that could not be filled, because pharmacies were not open for business. Rose Bank where entire families were buried alive, cannot still be reached by the search and Rescue teams as Belle Isle is blocked by a landslide road crews and equipment they were working all they yesterday to get through. They can get there by boat but the equipment to dig out was not able to. There will be more to report soon, however, this is just where we had reached in the fields. We have already distributed blankets, containers to hold water.

At the Red Cross in Kingstown we have clothing for adults, however, the children and boys especially is hard to find for. The Government will feed the homeless at the shelters, however, if you are searching to assist, please choose from the following:

Monetary donations
Basic underwear for little girls and boys
Basic T-Shirts or clothing with sizes ranging from infant to 10 years old
Slippers or shoes for their feet
Large Recycle bags or garbage bags to store any clothing they may receive
Bottled Water
Vermont has lost 36 homes and the general weather is rainy, cold and windy. If any items are shipped via Amerijet or other means, we are able to clear without charges and immediately. Please do not think that you will be too late with these items as they will still need them for school and otherwise. The Red Cross and Government are assisting with food, shelter, water containers and purification tablets .

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Our office can be reached at 784-456-1888. We are suggesting you send these items as it may be cheaper for you to purchase than we can purchase with any money you may send. We appreciate any support possible.

We are also communicating with the International Red Cross to facilitate online or text donations in the interim.
Make a Donation - The Miami Foundation
If you would like to give a gift to your Fund or any other Fund at the Foundation please select amount and fund name below. Please be advised that, per IRS regulations, gifts under $250 will not be acknowledged.

Photo credits: Kemuel T. Walters, The Network SVG, Jamal Byron, Andrew Dabreo



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