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Sweetie the Shepherd's Surgery

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This page was created to raise money for a German Shepherd named "Sweetie". She will need funding to fix her broken leg as well as funding for meds, supplies, and boarding. See her story below.
"Hi. My name is Sweetie. I was running the other day when I came to a busy highway, something spooked me (possibly the air gun pellet that was shot at me and lodged in my body) and I went running into a busy highway. I was hit and I tried desparately to get up and couldn't move. My left front leg was broken. I didn't know what to do. A car stopped to prevent others from hitting me and as I made it to the shoulder a nice lady stopped to help me. She had to drag me to her car because, after all, I am a full grown girl! Someone she knew came all the way from the other side of traffic to help her out and they got me in the car. I feel kind of bad because I left blood all over the car but she didn't care she was thankful I was alive...and I was too!!!!! I went to her home because animal control was probably going to put me down. That was not an option! Her family tried to clean my wounds and did a make shift splint out of a wooden spatula (silly humans, but they try). My foot was broken and I had no idea how to walk without it. Anyways, I ended up going to the emergency clinic where the people watched me overnight and got me on pain medication. Fractures and broken bones hurt!! After some overnight care I heard them tell my new friend that I would need surgery and bills would be expensive. Thanks to some AMAZING animal lovers, pet parents of my canine and feline brothers and sisters, they raised ALL the money for my emergency care. WOW! What a blessed dog I am, when so many need help! No one stopped for me after they hit me and only one person stopped to check on my friend that dragged me to her car, but there ARE kind people out there who care enough to help me through this emergency. My faith is restored in humans! On Friday my new friend contacted many people trying to find my owner (no luck) but realized my medical care was priority and reached out to the kind ladies who offered assistance the night before. I was transferred to the Harris Blvd Vet in Charlotte and they are going to fix my leg!!!!! I would jump for joy...if I could. Only one problem. I need funds! They say it is super expensive! Yikes. But I think a lot of people really like me now. I had a lot of comments on my thread and a ton of LIKES!! I am a very sweet tempered girl. You would think being around all of these people would have me defensive, but not once have I growled or snarled, etc. If anything I'm kind of scared at first but once I realize you are here to help and not hurt me, I let you love on me and..guess what..I love it too.! I know they are still looking for my family, I am well cared for and had to be somebody's pet; but no one has stepped up. I am depending on the kindness of strangers so that I can walk on all 4 legs again and run and play and be a dog and do what German Shepherds do. I am very strong willed and I know I can do this and make a full recovery I just need a little help. Please help my new friends by making a donation, however big or small, and spread the word. Apparently animal lovers rule the world! Much love and happy paws, Sweetie"



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Adrian is working on selecting a charity so you can support Sweetie the Shepherd's Surgery.