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99% of first dates have zero chemistry. This leads to wasted time, money, and most of all, lost opportunity to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

Swoonsy is a new dating concept that fixes this problem. We allow folks to exchange video messages, with a catch: every video needs to be unique, and to see each others' messages requires a charity donation.

To get this demo started, Alex (who is single) is going to send video messages to the most promising of all the girls (since he's straight) that he's been messaging with via online dating apps (OKCupid, Bumble, and Tinder). 

If a girl writes back to him through the native app (OKCupid, Bumble, Tinder), even if to say 'thanks but no thanks,' Alex will donate $5 of his own money to Swoonsy's official charity, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. 

Moreover, Alex will donate even more--$10--if a girl writes back to him and includes at least a 30-second personalized YouTube video (private link please) of herself, even if (again) to just tell him 'thanks but no thanks.' After these two video messages, Alex then promises either to ask her out, or politely say thank you. 

Later versions of Swoonsy will allow both parties to choose their own charities. Alex will use password protected YouTube videos, so that no one other than the person with the code can see the video. Girls can feel free to show their friends, but Alex's videos will also be deleted within 48 hours of their original posting. We do not yet have a website for the company or app.

Finally, we also make small random donations just so it's impossible to "do the math" and see how many people have been messaged. :)


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