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Please help a veteran and his family who desperately need a new roof! If we raise more than we need for the roof, your donation will support IMPACT (IMProving Access to Care by Teleradiology).

www.impactrad.org Tax ID 27-3377263


The Synthesis Collaborative is currently supporting the Raise the Roof! campaign (http://www.facebook.com/raisetheroofrochester.) This will run until November 5, 2014. Funds will go to a U.S. Army veteran and his family to replace their deteriorated roof. The father of this family (a 10-yr. veteran who served during the Gulf War) suffers from PTSD and diabetes. His daughter also has both physical and mental health issues, so most of their money is going towards health care expenses and they have been unable to replace their roof. This roof has reached the point where it will likely not survive another Rochester, NY winter. http://www.raise-the-roof-rochester.com

Any funds raised beyond the cost of the roof ($11,750.00) will go towards our next initiative, IMPACT. Funding for this project will allow us to place digital x-ray equipment in existing health clinics in impoverished areas around the world. Implementing Cloud PACS technology will make teleradiology possible, enabling a world-wide network of radiologists to read the images, which they have agreed to do free of charge. So, an image taken in Bangladesh could be read by a board-certified radiologist in Japan or England, for example. Please see www.impactrad.org for more information.