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Syracuse University

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Nourish International wrote -

Chapter: Syracuse University

Partner Organization: Global Health Network (Uganda)

Project Description:

This year Nourish at Syracuse and Global Health Network (Uganda) (GHNU) are investing in a piggery for a village, a holistic health education program for primary schools, and a sanitary pads business for a women's group in northern Uganda.

Project Details:

Student Interns will be working on three different aspects of the project: providing sexual and reproductive health education, assisting in sanitation and hygiene promotion, and working to improve livelihood initiatives.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education –

This part of the project works to enhance community awareness, knowledge and skills on safe motherhood, good nutrition and best practices during and after pregnancy, e.g. antenatal and postnatal care, delivery at the health facility etc. This aspect is aimed at reducing the high levels of child and maternal mortality and morbidity in the Oyam District.

Nourish at Syracuse will be purchasing delivery kits for local maternal health clinics that ensure a healthier delivery, along with a healthier first couple months of life for the child and mother. During our sanitary pads project, in which we will be working with a local women's group to make their own sanitary pads, a portion of our time will be spent having a dialogue about sexual and reproductive health.

Sanitation and Hygiene-

This part of the project will incorporate sanitation and hygiene education and promotion through visiting primary schools throughout the rural areas of Uganda. After working with GHN(U) to establish a curriculum, we will work with the schools on implementing a holistic health education program. Through debate, song, poetry, games, and dance, the children and interns will work together to further their knowledge on HIV/AIDS, latrines, importance of water, keeping food clean and fresh, washing hands, etc.

Livelihood Initiatives-

This aspect of the project is aimed at empowering women economically so they are able to meet their daily basic needs of life, more specifically being able to cover health expenses, such as out- of- pocket payments. The community will be trained in basic skills of project management, financial management, and marketing and engagement in various trades. The community has decided to focus on the establishment of a sanitary pads business. Nourish International interns will work with the women to create homemade, less expensive sanitary pads and then generate a business from it. These will be sold, at a lower price than the traditional kind in a store, to local schools and other women's groups.

Additionally, alongside a local community, Nourish interns will be helping construct a piggery, a house for pigs. These 50 pigs that we will be buying will be maintained by the local community, as they have chosen this project to be a good business and source of income. The community will be trained in basic skills in project management, financial management, marketing and engagement in various trades. ​

Partner Background:

GHN(U) was founded in November 2008 by a network of international researchers and activists. It began as a global health think-tank in the UK, and in 2010 was registered in Uganda as a charitable organization/ affiliated member of Triangle Global Health Consortium-US. GHN(U) is dedicated to a shared vision and goal: to promote, protect, and preserve the health of all Ugandans through leadership, partnership, innovation and concerted action in primary health care delivery.

GHN(U) has its roots deep in the most vulnerable populations in Uganda, and owes its genesis to the many health researchers and activists who have been concerned by the growing inequities in health over the last 25 years. GHN(U) believes that the best way to achieve health for all is through community-based innovations that enhance local capacity to prevent disease, as well as through the strengthening of local governance to ensure sustainability.


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Ania Czechowski

Ania Czechowski


So proud to be supporting Nourish's partnership with GHN(U)! Kope!! 3 years ago

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong


3 years ago

John Lisowski

John Lisowski


3 years ago