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CROWDRISE : Apr 25, 2013
Tax ID: 27-4559757
BASED: Santa Monica, CA, United States


It Starts w/Clean Water

SYRV is committed to developing and sustaining programs that provide meaningful contribution and social responsibility supporting human rights, education and social development initiatives. We work closely with community leaders in developing countries to identify core needs, while utilizing the skill sets, values and passions of our volunteers and donors, inviting them to travel to our host countries to develop or contribute to our programs. We do this by ensuring a fully integrated experience for hosts and contributors while promoting responsible volunteerism.

“What a profound journey, life altering experience, and eye opening adventure. My perspective is shifted and my body is still buzzing!”

“The experience is beyond amazing. I invite anybody even just THINKING about it ... GO! it may just change your life in the best way imaginable.” 

"An eye-opening, and wonderful trip."

"This trip really gave me the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to give back to the community, as well as enabling me to experience the beauty and culture of Nicaragua in a very hands-on and personal way. Donating just one week of my time I was able to collaborate with a great team to provide clean drinking water for hundreds of school children for many years to come. More than any other project I have completed during my career it was the water purification shelter that made the years of education at architecture school worthwhile. It is amazing to see how even the most modest project can have such a significant impact on the lives of those that are in need.“

Tax ID: 27-4559757 •


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