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November 23, 2012

TACOS MP specializes in authentic healthy Mexican Tacos, with an emphasis in superior quality and customer service.  See more
Tacos MP Marco Panganiba


Why I Want To Start TACOS MP

I have a real world educational background in counter drug law enforcement and military leadership. With eight years of Military experience I have managed an array of subordinates and have dealt with any and all attitudes, age gaps and ethnicities. Furthermore I have real life stress management experience in dealing with high profile courtroom cases.

So how does this translate to a successful catering business? I’m able to stay focus and perform under pressure. I’m able to deal with a range of personalities from all walks of life. Which will permit me to close deals with an assortment of customers.

So what is my experience with food industry? As young man growing up I know that I wanted to someday own Taco Shop. I had my mother’s full support and thankfully she had a close friend who own Mi Casa Taco stand by the international airport in Tijuana Mexico. From the age of 14-17 I worked nearly every weekend at Mi Casa. I learning even the smallest details about operating a tacos stand but more importantly I enjoyed every aspect and moment that I worked with no pay.

So where do I get my actual catering ability. I have been catering my son’s birthday party for the last eight years. Furthermore I have had countless of cookouts at park, beaches, friends and family houses, and with each cookout I acquire knowledge for my future business. While being station in San Francisco away from home a few of my now close friends would organize grill outs with several Coast Guardsmen from our unit, all in the name of fun and comradely. But with each passing year and grill out I have perfect my recipes, techniques and skills.



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