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Nina Louise McCutcheon's Fundraiser:

Take It To The Streets Canada And US State Ministries

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Nina Louise McCutcheon


Welcome To My website Social: May God Bless You, Keep You , and Smile His Face Upon You. I am a none profit organization, just starting out. I am paying Month To Month for my Site to be ongoing and successful. I am using my own money to pay. I will be issuing a Legal Governmental code for my Business, and to develop it . I am planning to apply for a Loan or Grant to help get my Business up and running. If anyone has any ideas, I am open to it. I am a woman, living in London Ontario Canada. I have lived Street Life , on and off the streets for 31 years of my life. I overcame street life in the last 10 years , and overcome addiction, and many other things. I am a over Comer , and victorious lady. I have taken the time to write my Testimony on another page, please feel welcome to go there and read it. I have set up video's and pictures, and a Chat link for you to use. Please feel free to comment, and share your website links and video's, or pictures. My site is one that is a little different then others. I hope to provide a place where everyone around the world can come together as a family. A place to communicate and share our testimonies, lives , and experiences. I hope to have a one way communication link for everyone around the world. I have experimented in the last 5 years on direct contact , and direct sponsoring. I sponsor Children in Total of 25 in Africa Gambia. I do this Directly. It has been a Blessing and Challenge, but successful. God has used me to reach out to Africa Gambia and has brought many children to Himself as a result. My Children Bakary, Ebrima, Fabrima Ceesay, are 3 Children , and there are more. They are wonderful Children, and they are a Blessing. They use to live in Mud Houses, when I first Started Sponsoring them direct. The Houses would fall because of rain fall. Now they live in Brick houses, near the Ocean , what a great place to live near the Ocean , where they can bathe , and have small wells to drink from. They went on a Journey from South Africa To East Africa , with my Guidance by Foot, through Gods intervention. When I first started Sponsoring my Children, they were not able to open Bibles in there Country, because of Muslim attacks and Beliefs. African's can be killed as a result, if caught opening a Bible. Since my Sponsorship, and direct communication to them in Africa Gambia, they now have more freedom, can open bibles Freely. My Children even had a Eater Party in 2014 , my Children expressed that it was because of you mom, and now the Muslim People are starting to desire Jesus Christ. This is Great! Glory To God In The Highest, it makes me cry tears of happiness, to know that we can make a difference to lives from a distance. I am the first Canadian Woman, to do this directly. Proven Fact. My Children have expressed , no one in Canada directly gives to them. The US State though are doing direct services in Africa. WAY TO GO US STATE! I think That is Great! Bless you. My Children Expressed that Canada has only dug a couple wells, and taken pictures of them, and since then , no other wells have been dug. The pictures Canada has taken of them, the children did not even know why they were taken. CANADA LETS GET TO WORK! Poverty is world wide and does not need to be. I am glad to see and hear Canada and Us State are now Joining to End Poverty issues, and bring Better Days Ahead, and on the video's you will see this, please check them out. WAY TO GO CANADA. Even so, there is a lot to be done. It is time to put our Money and Mouths in Action. This site will soon be a start to taking action over Poverty Around The World. Nations Great And Small: Awaken Oh Israel , Turn Back To Your First Loves, Says The Lord! We Are Family, Lets Act Like It. I AM NOT OUT TO GET MONEY, I ASK THAT YOU GIVE ONLY IF YOUR ARE ABLE, OR COMPELLED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. ALL DONATIONS WILL BE USED, TO HELP THOSE IN NEED ACROSS THE WORLD. USED FOR UPCOMING EVENTS. FOR MY WEBSITE. CHURCH AND GOVERNMENTAL DEVELOPMENTS FOR HOMELESS NEEDS. FOOD BANKS, AND MISSION SERVICES AND CLOTHING. FOR BUSINESS AND MINISTRIES AROUND THE WORLD, REACHING OUT TO THOSE IN NEED. I hope to support you , your Churches and Businesses, in order to provide for the Changes Needed in or world. Signature: STREET MISSIONARY - Nina L McCutcheon



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