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Legal Defense for a Mother

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June 06, 2012

Please donate using my paypal account: instructions are below.Thank you so much  See more


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Please dontae through paypal for now until I figure out why the donate button is not working

my payal email address is:

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WHAT  HAPPENED? I rushed my daughter to the ER after she had an allergic reaction.   I entered with her and left without her hours later. I left devastated and confused as to why my daughter  had been taken from me. I have never abused  or neglected my child nor do I have a record of it.  I was approached by a CPS  worker and questioned like I was a  child abuser.  Piecing together the pieces to find out how to get my daughter back has been hard. CPS workers view my persistence as annoying instead of seeing it as concern and love for my daughter - I don’t know what else to do.  After researching I found that I am not alone Mothers are going through this everyday and many give up because when you’re fighting against the system and you don’t have a lot of money its life fighting an uphill battle. After viewing sites like and  talking to other mothers I’ve discovered that this is a huge issue.  I need your  help.  If you know an excellent lawyer willing to go pro bono, or can provide a donation for legal defense  or just offer a quick prayer  for my daughter and I  it would be greatly  appreciated.  Unfortunately, I am not the only  Mother that this has happened to. Let’s   Take Action and get our children back and keep others  from being taken. Thank you in advance.  



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Tonica is working on selecting a charity so you can support Legal Defense for a Mother.