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Taking Back the Streets of Memphis,Tn.

Organized by: Naomi Walton

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Hi everyone....My Name is Naomi Walton. I am a child of God interested in being able to help my brother and sisters all across the world. My interest in helping my people which includes me,you,and everyone else across the world is so real. I almost committed suicide to sacrifice myself up to God to be able to help everyone. Because right now the killings have gotten so out of hand it don't make no sense. Then it's other things that Have gotten so far out of hand. That I dislike when it comes to God children. It's like everything he warned us not to do. We're all doing it, and because of this I feel he's going to destroy us all. Sure enough that's all preachers preach anyway but I'm not a preacher. I'm just a regular city girl who really have love for people. I hate seeing people hurt. I hate seeing people cry. I hate seeing women and men get abused, children get molested. Small children growing up without a mom or dad. Teenagers turning to gangs for the love that's not shown at home. Women becoming so independent now til they to busy to raise their on children. Men who have gotten so comfortable with not working til they just sit around play video games all day and smoke with their homeboys. These are just few of the things that concerns me.An due to this the crimes have gotten worse,the sexualities are changing more,people are getting away from the church,etc....So far as my fundraiser. I'm trying to raise enough money to help support a lot of people dreams. Such as I see little boys who have talents and skills far as rapping but yet due to that talent don't get noticed. They get involved in bad things rather than some they love to do. Same with women, men,little girls. I watch people who have skills far as cutting hair,dancing,singing,etc,. These are regular people but yet they have so much talent and skills but yet it goes unnoticed. An due to this: some end up in jail,some end up prostituting,some end up selling drugs,some end up stealing,etc,. So my goal is to help people go back to the one thing they loved the most as a child. I want to help people find that happy place again and once they be able to do that. I believe that's how I can help them over come their struggle. That's how I can calm down a lot of this violence. That's how I can get parents to win back their sons or daughters. I just want to see us all prospering and doing good. So to sum up my whole purpose for this fundraiser. I want to build a project that will allow people to get heard and noticed. Something similar to what they did on step it up. in the movie step it up. People from all around the world got together to save their city. That's exactly how I feel about Memphis,Tn. and other cities but I'm not concerned about apartment homes getting closed down. Schools being closed etc,. My concern is what God gone do such as if he decide to wipe out our whole city like he did Sodom and Gomorrah,Babylon,Egypt,etc,. So before I sit and watch our city get destroyed. Our world get destroyed. I at least want to help save it by investing in new things and projects that'll get people out the streets and off the streets. So honestly I don't feel that one hundred thousand isn't enough but anything can help because our city needs it badly.


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Naomi Walton

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