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Tales of Superhumans by Jedi Gong ... JUDGE ME!

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I'm Jedi Gong, the Teller of Tales of Superhumans.

And all I ask is that you take the time to judge me.

Please let me explain:

Are you tired of Hollywood remaking the same old movies, regurgitating old ideas?

I know I am.

I mean, how many dozen "Batmen" and "Spidermen" do we really need?

On the other hand, there's nothing like experiencing a truly original story, something powerful enough to surprise you and really thrill your mind, such as The Matrix for example.

There's nothing like that feeling of leaving the movie theater with goosebumps, feeling magically invigorated by the story you've experienced as if you were The One who just saved the world...

And most of those enrapturing movies are based on novels...

the kind of novels I have a passion to create for the world.

I want to give back what delights were granted to me by my literary heroes from childhood until now, from Ray Bradbury to Quentin Tarantino.

However, they don't call it “breaking into the biz” for nothing:

There really is a towering wall keeping outsiders out, shadowing hopeful artists with slim odds of breaking through it without some hefty resources or connected friends.

First of all, agents with influence won’t talk to you unless you've been published, but to get published you need an agent with influence!  In any entrepreneurial endeavor, the caveat is forever true that “it takes money to make money,” and a major publishing house with the clout to inform the world of your work – sadly, but logically – only wants to make safe bets.  (So that a Stephen King can get a million-dollar advance for his grocery shopping list while a broke, no-name newcomer can only hope that some form of lucky lightning strikes them.)  This, of course, is the same principle that drives the major movie houses to churn out yet another Spiderman while new and more inventive superheroes remain undiscovered.  Just like the publishers, they would rather make a safe, boring bet than take any risk.  I get it; they have shareholders to please.

But that aversion to risk by the people with money who want to hold onto their money isn't the only obstacle making fiction-writing one of the toughest entertainment fields to break into.  Consider that a musician can perform in public and post videos on Youtube, where a cool dance or a cute face with a tight voice or a catchy hook has a chance of “going viral.”  And while a self-published eBook is the indie writer's equivalent of an undiscovered musician's self-produced music video, the problem is that an epic novel – even for a speedy reader – takes days to digest, lacking the bite-sized convenience of a song.  And while an amazing sample chapter may be enough to convince a potential fan to buy the book and read on, I don’t think that a sample chapter is something that has ever, or will ever, “go viral.”  Furthermore, with the modern ease of self-publishing an eBook, every wannabe writer in the world is now dumping their material into the exponentially-expanding pool of options.  Understandably, your average reader will usually require an ecstatic word-of-mouth recommendation before ever considering an unknown writer.  This is why, for a new fiction writer, no matter how original and talented you may be, that basic rule that “it takes money to make money” weighs so heavily, because it takes considerable cash to put your material out there in the limelight where the masses can see it, where it has any fighting opportunity to garner that elusive fifteen minutes of fame. For instance – if you didn’t realize – you have to pay big bucks for a big-league book review.

Besides the reviews, the fundamentals of editing, publishing, and general publicizing are all very pricey endeavors that no starving artist can hope to throw thousands of dollars at in hopes of winning some real attention.

That said ...

I'm Jedidiah Gong, the Teller of Tales of Superhumans, and all I ask is that you take the time to review a free copy of my first work, The Last Judges.  Or, if you're not an avid fiction reader, please ask one that you know to scrutinize me and what I have to offer the world.  So that you can do so, there are links at the bottom of this page to free, fully-illustrated digital copies (PDF and MOBI) of the novel.

In The Last Judges, eight diverse Americans displaced by apocalyptic events struggle to discern their unique destinies... However, I've been developing another fiction project over the last few years that is very different from The Judges, yet very faithful to my superhuman brand.

When I immerse myself in a writing project, it requires all of me, and it’s much more than a full-time job. A complex writing project (like one of the six novellas I’m presently orchestrating, a time-travel mystery) is a 24-7 job.  But please understand that I’m not asking anyone to help me pay my rent, or utilities, or anything of that nature while I’m grinding out my next offering – because I don't have any rent or utilities!  The fact is, I'm so dedicated to my dream of full-time writing that, in order to minimize expenses, I live in my car, a Chevy Trailblazer that I’ve almost paid off, which has just enough room in the back to stretch out at night.  I'm sitting in the front passenger seat as I write this, using Walmart’s public Wi-Fi for internet access.  I currently work full-time for $10 an hour at a call center here in Tucson, which pays for my food, vehicle expenses, gym membership (where I shower), and mailbox at the UPS Store.  I’m living this extreme lifestyle because I figured that if I can radically minimize my expenses, then I can feasibly find part-time work, freeing as much time as possible for pursuing my dream.  However, while this plan is great for my potential productivity, it will never solve the problem of paying for editing, publication, reviews, and marketing.

And so there you have it. If you decide that with The Last Judges I’ve displayed a unique potential, and that the world deserves a chance to discover my Tales of Superhumans, please help me to achieve this dream.  I’ll never forget those who help me overcome the towering odds against me.

     - Jedi Gong






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Elaine & Brian Loughlin


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