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CROWDRISE : Jul 15, 2015
Tax ID: 75-2849153
BASED: Waco, TX, United States



Talitha Koum Institute

My child, "Rise Up!"

The Nurture Center of Talitha Koum Institute (TKI) provides preventive and therapeutic care for trauma-affected children, serving not only the littlest citizens of Waco, but also the K-Ready Kids of J. H. Hines public elementary school.

TKI in a nutshell:

  • Founded by Crossties Ministries
  • Texas Rising Star with 4 Star Certification (the highest level attainable)
  • We are open ALL YEAR. Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with extended care until 5:30 pm for working or school-attending parents.
  • Beyond our in-house lab program, Talitha Koum has provided a pilot Pre-Kindergarten classroom at J.H. Hines Elementary for its most highly dysregulated Pre-K students with not a single trip to the principal’s office.
  • Talitha Koum is the only therapeutic nursery in the State of Texas serving infants, and is one of a very small number of programs providing preventive mental health for babies in the entire United States. For a child as young as LaShawn, TKI is a rare and exceptional opportunity.
  • There are currently 30 children in this laboratory program that are 8 weeks to 5 years old.

So why is TKI focusing so much on mental health?
For children in chronic poverty who do not receive intervention, excessive levels of stress hormones disrupt the formation of synaptic connections between cells in the developing brain – and even affect its blood supply. Toxic stress, on its own, can cause a child to be trauma-affected, disrupting the  ability to learn and often causing anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Talitha Koum works to improve the core factors that impact this development by providing high-quality nurture, preventive mental health care, therapeutic intervention, and brain development for the current generation of very young children alongside weekly classes for their parents. The goal of these efforts is to deliver each child to public school age with a high degree of educational readiness and positive social skills.

What is the mental health care specifically, and how do we know it works?
Talitha Koum engages a multi-disciplinary approach, layering proven methods to see children lifted out of the cycle of multi-generational poverty. TKI employs the HighScope® Educational Research Curriculum, which has been shown (via a 40-year longitudinal study) to decrease incarceration rates, increase earned income, and increase high school graduation rates for users. Together with this curriculum, Talitha Koum implements the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (Child Trauma Academy, Houston) within the Nurture Center alongside sensory diets for each child that help each one to self-regulate. 

Tax ID: 75-2849153 •


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