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We just need 99 more people to give $33 and send a surprise to Earth Action Network to continue their work!! Love to all  See more
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Me and my best friend, Anne Ford, started a radio show back in January of 2009. Since then, we've helped so many people learn about their angels and we have brought all kinds of authors, musicians, artists and healers to the show. We're dedicated to helping people realize that they are beautiful, powerful divine beings capable of creating a world without war, poverty, hunger or division. We believe that the Earth is in desperate need of our attention and love. She can no longer withstand the abuse that is every day threatening her vital systems. We have to realize that together we are powerful and together we can reverse the damage that has been done and return to an appreciation for Earth and everything that she gives us which makes our very lives possible. Please donate to help further education so that we can save our beautiful Mother Earth.

Okay, now that I've said that, here's the deal: I am passionately in love with the earth and it pains me every time something horrible happens to her. I feel compelled in so many ways to reach out to people to begin paying attention to the choices they make and how those choices affect the planet.

Yea, I'm also psychic and an angel communicator. This all came to me in my 40's by opening up to my natural abilities. Back in April, I started channeling elemental energies that were practically begging us (humans) to consider them and not act like the earth is something we can just take and take from without giving back or without being at least appreciative. So I started writing the book they wanted me to write. I haven't had time to get back to it and they still knock on my door asking me to keep writing.

Please consider donating to Earth Action Network. I wanted to choose a charity that seems to cover all the bases from researching changes in the earth to educating people about how to be better stewards of our planet. I don't want to sit by and watch species go extinct and entire ecosystems destroyed. It's just not fair to the Mother Earth that bore us. So please support Talk-N-Angels for Mother Earth and donate today! And if you're so inclined, go to our website and listen to our show. You'll love it, guaranteed. www.talknangels.com


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Rita Strough

Rita Strough


Help raise awareness of Mother Earth's desperate plea for help. Give a voice to Nature that others can hear. 9 years ago