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Give to stop the neglects,abuses, hunger,homelessness nakedness of the non supported Disables in Africa.


Our mission is to provide complete care to the disables in Liberia by providing  food,clothing,homes,medical and daily care to people with mental disability,developmental disability, including the blind and the cripple who have no support services in Liberia. Our  goal is to raise money to buy 10 acres of land and build homes for people with disabilities so  our charity can take them from the streets into their own living places where they will be provided with care givers,nurses,doctors,training,daily hygiene etc so they can live life as human beings. 
Our objective is to help the families of these disables who due to extreme poverty are not able to provide care to their loves ones who are abused,neglected and raped often while they go in the street begging for money to buy food and others looking for food in the trash cans and dump sites.