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Tanyonnoh MCCrownsey

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In March of 2012 , after giving birth to her 3rd child,  tanyonnoh mccrownsey ( better knew as Tanya) started to have pain in her right breast.  She when to get it checked out by the doctor, because she had just giving birth they told her it was milk ducts. She was told to go home and rub it in the shower during baths. She did just that but it was not helping.  She when back to the doctor again, At her appointment  she had  both ultrasound and mammogram. She was as told that it was negative for cancer. Once again they sent her home telling her if it got worse she should come back and they will drain out the milk. Things didn't get any better so she when back for the 3rd time , this time to have the milk drained out. During this procedure the doctor's discovered it was more than just milk ducts. They send a biopsy to the lab, when the result came back she had a stage 4 breast cancer. It was the worst news she had ever received. She was so concerned about her three boys, ages 12, 6 and 1 . She Pray Everyday For God healing and mercy. dhe had strong faith that God was going to heal her. She give it all to him.Tanya when to all of her chemotherapy appointment. Her body was responding to the treatment at first, unfortunately the cancer went to her brain. She still kept her faith in God. She did the radiation treatment, until it  was no longer working. She slowly started to decline having seizures after seizure.  she became  disoriented. She was in and out of the hospital, through all this she refused to give up her faith in our God. She wanted to fright for her kids, she did not  want her kids to be motherless. Just when she thought things could not get any worse she found out she had multiple blood clogs in both her lungs. The doctor told her she wasn't going to make it and there was nothing else they could do for her.  They could not treat the blood clogs because of the swelling and bleeding in her brain. On September 25th,  3 week's after her son 13th birthday Tanya passed away.  Leaving behind her sons clarence age 13, Antonio age 7, and Denzel age 2. the family will appreciate any help the public can give,  School supplies, Clothes,  Food . we also have  will  be ACCEPTING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TANYONNOH MCCROWNSEY MEMORIAL FUND WITH WITH WELLS FARGO BANK






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