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Tanzanian Children's Fund, Inc.

Creating a home for children. Transforming communities. Building futures in Tanzania. Tax ID 74-3087284


The Tanzanian Children’s Fund (TCF) is dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized children in the Karatu region of Northern Tanzania. The Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV or the Children’s Village) was created in 2005 to provide a loving home, and a life of opportunity, for orphaned children who otherwise could not live with their relatives. Today, 90 children lead happy and healthy lives at the Children’s Village. They receive far more than food, clothing, and shelter – each child at the Children’s Village grows up securely knowing that they are loved and that they are an integral part of this unique community. Thus, these children are not up for adoption, because the Children’s Village is created to be their permanent family, nurturing them to become productive citizens and future leaders of Tanzania.


The Children’s Village is our main commitment, however we recognize that one of the most effective ways to improve outcomes for marginalized children is to strengthen the communities in which they live. Recognizing the complex nature of the challenges facing the wider community in which it operates, TCF and RVCV have taken an innovative, multi-pronged approach to combating poverty and improving the lives of marginalized children throughout the region. 


Our portfolio of community projects include:


Kids Living with Relatives Program – We provide food, clothing, and opportunity to at risk children in the region who live with their relatives.

Gyetighi Primary School Partnership – In partnership with the local government, we manage the local primary school, which is aimed at improving educational outcomes and providing opportunities for high achieving students to attend secondary school, and beyond.

Oldeani Secondary School Partnership - Due to the success of Gyetighi Primary School, in 2013, the local government invited us to join them in a partnership to manage the local secondary school. We are only one year into operations and have already seen great improvements at Oldeani.

Medical Care – Bi-monthly free medical clinics are offered in tandem with the Foundation for African Medicine and Education (FAME), which provides much needed medical care for individuals who live outside of the Children’s Village in the local communities who otherwise might not have access to a doctor.

Microfinance Program – We help foster economic growth and break cycles of poverty in the communities surrounding the Children’s Village.

Community Health Education – We are in the planning and design phase to create an outreach program that will help educate men and women about different forms of family planning, abuse, and disease.


We strive to understand and meet the evolving needs of the community in which TCF and RVCV operate.