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CROWDRISE : Jul 21, 2012
Tax ID: 45-3743859
BASED: Huntington Beach, CA, United States



Our Mission

To help disadvantaged youth who want a positive change in their lives through promoting and providing them with opportunities to create a self-supporting lifestyle with financial stability through education assistance, positive reinforcement and mentoring.

Join us live in San Pedro California for our 3-30-13 Global Jazz and Peace concert for Tanzanian Fundi Non-Profit. The concert will be raising funds to ship Educational and Humanitarian Aid to Tanzania Africa. The Aid has already been collected, we just need to ship and distribute the goods to the Tanzanian people. We have been busy collecting clothing, shoes, text books and school supplies with machinery and tools for the construction of the new Kilimanjaro Youth Trade Center. We also have desks, chairs and classroom equipment. There’s too much to list, but it now comes down to the transporting of this aid to the people in need for it. This is why this concert is so important to so many involved. Please come out on Saturday March 30th and enjoy a variety of Jazz musicians, African Dancing and a selection of African Paintings that will be Auctioned off to help raise funds for this shipping of the Aid.

T25CL Entertainment will be producing The Global Jazz Peace Concert coming to you for On-Demand viewing at in the later part of 2013. Feel the inspiration of our West African Dance Troupe, along with our great Jazz Artist performing inspiring and sacred music from the stage of the Warner Grand Theatre.

Tax ID: 45-3743859 •


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