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I'm so proud of my sister Tara!! Determined and motivated, she made her dream of being accepted to UCLA a reality this past September! Now attending UCLA, she is pursuring her next dream, becoming Dr. Tara Samiee, M.D.. Within her first week at her new school, she has already become involved in several organizations, one being MEDLIFE. This December, she will be traveling with MEDLIFE to Lima, Peru to assist the people of poverty to live healthier lives. This will be an amazing experience not only for my sister, but for the people of Lima, as they will be able to get proper healthcare from excellent trained volunteers. Please help me reach my goal of raising $350 to fund the cost of her travels! #TaraTakesPeru

Message from Tara Samiee: 

From December 27th to January 4th of 2014/2015, I plan on traveling to Lima, Peru along with the members of the MEDLIFE club of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). This will be my first time volunteering abroad - working in a mobile clinic as well as working on the community Staircase Project for a week. I am thankful to have been provided with this amazing opportunity to go abroad and am excited to learn about a foreign country and it's culture through the context of medical service!

MEDLIFE’s mission is to provide Medicine, Education, and Development to Lower Income Families Everywhere. They strive to assist the people of poverty to live healthier lives and, in turn for medical service, the people “pay” for their healthcare by going to class and gaining basic education also provided by MEDLIFE.

Lima, Peru has a population of almost 9 million people, making it the fourth largest city of the Americas. However, Lima is known to be home to extreme poverty, densely located in its outskirts. The many people who have migrated to the “pueblos jovenes” (these outskirt regions) are known to have reside there in escape from the violence of the 1980s in Peru as well as seek for economic opportunity. With the rapid growth of population, many communities have been plagued with high unemployment and lack of medical attention from the state.

While in Lima, I will work in the mobile clinics rotating along different health fields such as: Pharmacy, Dentistry, Triage, General Physician Practice, and Obstetrics for about 7-10 hours daily. However, one day out of the week will be entirely dedicated to working on the Staircase Project. The Staircase Project was inspired by Chais Pipa, a MEDLIFE patient. Chais fell down the hillside that leads to her home, leading to immediate attention and premature birth of her newborn. After Chais’ experience, MEDLIFE began the Staircase Project, to allow community members to navigate home safely. So far, over 106 staircases have been constructed.

My goal is to raise $1200 for the plane ticket and $800 for MEDLIFE's cost of food, lodging, transporting, and medical supply expenses. If you would like to make a donation, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you for all your love and support!
**For all who would enjoy seeing my journey via social media on my Mobile Clinic trip to Peru, please search #TaraTakesPeru

For more information about MEDLIFE’s mission in Lima, please visit:

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