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CROWDRISE : Feb 15, 2016
Tax ID: 46-0825424
BASED: Los Angeles, CA, United States


TASSEL provides continuous, high quality English education and other sustainability services free of charge to underserved children and families in rural Cambodia, as well as nurturing and transforming the hearts of all involved.

TASSEL serves three populations:

Cambodian children and families who receive free year-round schooling and basic needs such as food, medicine, shelter, and clothing.
Local adults in Cambodian villages who are funded, trained, and employed as co-teachers with high potential and new role model qualities for the students.
University/high school students who fundraise and volunteer as teachers over Internet video conferencing (VSee) and in person, learning to become socially responsible leaders.
Together we create a dialogue of giving in skills, cultures, and resources that continues to enrich the lives of our local and global community.

WHY Cambodia?

One of the poorest countries in the world, with a GDP Per Capita of $1,094.
25% of the population killed during the Khmer Rouge-led genocide in the 1970s, including 90% of teachers, and the lack of an educated population perpetuates the nation's poverty and corruption.
English is mandatory as higher level textbooks are only available in English and much of the country's economic growth comes from foreign investment.

Please support our services and growing relationships or contact us for more information. 100% of donations are spent directly on funding the English program including local teacher stipends, and providing food, medicine, and clothing to village families.
Thank you so much!

Tax ID: 46-0825424


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