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CROWDRISE : Aug 19, 2012
Tax ID: 20-0394954
BASED: Scarsdale, NY, United States



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Tay-bandz / kids curing cancer is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funding pediatric cancer research. Tay-bandz was founded as a "kids helping kids" foundation by Taylor Matthews when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 11.

Taylor lost her battle in 2008, when she was 16 years old. Help us to fulfill her dreams, wishes and hopes. The Federal Government provides minimal funding for children's cancer. Children are not politically powerful, don't pay taxes, and don't march on the lawn of the White House. If a difference is to be made in the lives of these children, it will be made by those who dedicate themselves to speaking for them. Without public outcry these kids don't stand a chance.  Taylor knew this first hand and she was determined to change it.


Taylor had a passion for life until the moment we lost her.
As a young child Taylor could never sit still. After a play date, activity, and homework, she had a lot of night left and needed to keep active. Many times, as a tiny tot, I told her to go outside and run laps around the house. She would run and run till exhaustion, come in out of breath with a big smile and little red cheeks. Nine months prior to her diagnosis she competed in our annual school "turkey trot." At a distance, anxiously awaiting the "start buzzer," I could see her huge smile and her sense of determination radiating all over her. She ran with determination, passing her fellow students, and ended up in 5th place. Fast-forward 6 years, after her body had endured 3 massive thoractomies, she showed that same passion and will to succeed. However, her goal was to see if she could climb the stairs and walk down the hall with an oxygen tank in hand. Her cancer took her body, tore it apart, and left her with half her lung capacity, scars all over, and horrible back pain.... the little girl who ran to her heart's desire was now trapped in a body where she could barely walk. But the same smile and twinkle in her eyes remained and she was proud of being able to walk the steps. We could have never imagined that she would leave us and that we would never again see that bright smile or flushed little red cheeks.

I am so lucky and blessed to have been Taylor's Mom for 16 years. In her short life she gave me enough love to last a lifetime. However, we miss her terribly and our hearts are broken forever. We hope, by following Taylor's hopes and dreams, that no other child will endure the suffering she did and that someday a cure can be found.

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Relay For Tay

Relay For Tay