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I am an artist and photographer, and would be happy to sell my pictures to cover expenses of starting (Marketing to Vets) a group forum specifically for anyone (or Vets) to be able to go to, kind of like AA meetings, group meetings to help them (for instance). The charity I have chosen has similar goals and I want to support them, hopefully it will reach the West before I die. LOL
#1 - Learn to cope
#2 - Understand the new aspects of living with PTSD and TBI (in my view - don't carry guns!! LOL) I'm sure I would have destroyed my mailbox if I had a gun.
#3 - Find help from other people who suffer the same things, like re-enactments of shooting our mailboxes with paint ball guns.
#4 - Understand it will take years to recover from PTSD if at all. I personally think, nope, our electric system in our bodies is shot to hell, so then we have to learn to cope with jumping out of the seat every time someone knocks on the door.
#5 - Understand that everyone knows something we don't know, no problem right? They know it about us, and we cant quite figure it out. That's the problem.
#6 - Recognize that just because you knew it before all those diagnosises doesn't mean you still know it, so be careful with yourself.
#7 - Relaxation techniques that don't include beer.
#8 - Finding your peace within yourself.
#9 - Chuck your pride right down the toilet, its pointless to be proud when you forget what you did in the morning by the evening.
#10 - Surrounding yourself with people who are sensitive and helpful will bring you out of depression which most people with TBI and PTSD have.
#11 - Have lots of food at the meetings, good food too, not crappy, icky food. It helps everyone want to come again and again.
#12 - Stop being an isolationist!! Being alone will not help you at all, talk, talk, talk and reach out. Find a new purpose and meaning in life.

So that is my Twelve Step Suggestions. Groups can and should flourish around this country for Vets and others with TBI or PTSD. We have vets all over this country who need our help. The VA is overwhelmed, my sister told me of going there once for her father-in-law had they had to wait three hours for one persquiption to be filled !!!

Our Vets need us all to support them in their efforts to recover. Please help and donate. I think in regards to money, its only needed for marketing the groups, in order to reach the people with this type of problem. The groups can meet in churches across the country.



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