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Time Dollar Institute, Inc.

To nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent. Tax ID 52-1950242


TimeBanks USA is on the leading edge of social change. From juvenile justice reform to caring for seniors, TBUSA innovates solutions rooted in our five core values: reciprocity, assets, redefining 'work,' social capital, and respect.

TBUSA also provides support for an ever-growing network of Time Banks across the USA, offering resources, networking opportunities, and national exposure for member programs. Time Banks unleash the power of people to transform their communities with their time and talent.

TimeBanking uses a medium of exchange to build networks-for-good in communities. For every hour of help given, a TimeBank member earns one credit. (Different TimeBanks have given the credits different names: Time Dollars, or Time Credits, or TimeBank Hours.) Credits can be earned through projects or through individual exchanges of help between members. TimeBank socials bring members together to share and celebrate the good that's flowing around the TimeBank networks. TBUSA has developed Community Weaver software so that TimeBank members can see what's available, and where they can jump in.