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Tooele County Children's Justice Center

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The Story

We are excited to be working with the Tooele County Children's Justice Center. Here is a little more information about their cause. Our Mission: To provide a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere for all alleged victims of child abuse to receive coordinated services during the investigative process... To decrease the secondary trauma that can inadvertently be caused by the criminal justice and child protection systems. To encourage the prompt and efficient processing of cases by sharing of information and improving coordination. To minimize through coordinated efforts the number of times a child may be interviewed. To focus on what is in the best interest of the child by providing every opportunity for service, protection and prosecution where appropriate. To track children's cases as needed for the beneft of the children. To ensure that every child who is alleged to have been abused receives a medical examination. To ensure that each child who enters the CJC for an interview will be treated with respect and caring with no regard to their ethnicity, religion, gender, or disability. Please help by donating to the Tooele County Children's Justice Center.
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