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Trinity College Kandy Alumni Association Of Washington Dc Inc

There is much that needs to be done to restore the buildings of Trinity College to the state in which they should be. Many of the school buildings, ranging from Classrooms to Boarding facilities need urgent renovation to make them fit for purpose.

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This is a major 5-year Development Plan, designed to restore Trinity to its former glory by the time of our 150th anniversary in 2022, and it will include many different projects. 

There are three pillars to Trinity150… a Trinity of pillars, if you will…The first will focus on restoration and renovation projects (for example to rebuild Alison and Napier Houses so we can revitalise Boarding at Trinity). The second will be new buildings and facilities (we badly need more Upper School classrooms, modern Science Laboratories and a multi-purpose sports hall, for example). And the third will deal with IT and technological Infrastructure, so that Trinity can help lead the way in the new digital age in Sri Lanka.

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