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The Challenge Program, Inc.

The Challenge Program, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Dec 17, 2014
Tax ID: 20-1644028
BASED: Pittsburgh, PA, United States


The Challenge Program, Inc.

Believe. Reach. Achieve.

Our Mission: The Challenge Program, Inc.'s mission is to partner with businesses to motivate high school students both in and out of the classroom. This partnership creates good habits in students and provides businesses with tangible results for their investments.

The Challenge Program, Inc. contributes to workforce and economic development by partnering businesses with high schools to achieve a common objective: the development of a skilled and motivated future workforce.

Our program exposes students to career opportunities in their own communities and challenges students to develop good work habits they will need to be successful both in high school and in the workforce.

Tax ID: 20-1644028 •


The Challenge Program

The Challenge Program

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