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End Education Injustice in Nepal

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In Nepal, only 1 out of 3 child who goes to public schools completes secondary school. This year, national graduation rate was only 41%. Given that Nepal has two types of school structures - private for profit schools and government run public schools - the graduation rates vary significantly. Almost every child who goes to private schools graduates but only 15% of Nepal's student population is enrolled in such schools. On the other hand only 1 out 3 children who go to public schools finishes the secondary level and move on to higher education. 

This year, about 300,000 students who were enrolled in public schools failed to graduate. About 90% of them were unsuccessful in subjects like maths, science, and English. Given such a big gap between the children in private and public schools, Sarvodaya has launched a new movement in Nepal called, Teach for Nepal. 

Currently,  31 young  leaders as Teach for Nepal Fellows are teaching in 16 schools reaching to over 2,000 children every day. These individuals have not only been successful in the classrooms, but also have achieved highly as a leader in colleges and communities. They are journalists, writers, engineers, teachers, and social workers.

This, however, is just the beginning. We have a very ambitious scale up plan. At this stage we are also recruring for our second cohort, who would start teaching as of April 2014.

Our Fellows are not just teachers; they are change-agents and community leaders. After two years of Fellowship, we expect many to emerge as leaders and develop innovative solutions to end education inequity from inside and outside of the education system.




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