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My name is Ken Clarke and for over thirty years I have had a dream to teach.

First thing I had to do was figure out what subject I was good at. Well that rules out math, spelling, social studies, art, languages music… Might as well include pretty much everything associated with a regular school.

But there is one thing that I have always been passionate about; Prepping and Disaster Preparedness. It’s all about learning how to be prepared for any disaster or emergency; natural or man-made.

For the last 30 years I have spent my life learning what it takes to be prepared. In 1982 I started out in the Military learning how prepare for, or respond to, acts of terrorism from the Baader Mienhof Gang, I then learned to survive the high heat of central Texas and the high deserts of California. I then learned how to fight the drug cartels of Central America, prepared and recovered from the countless hurricanes of Florida and the Caribbean, rocked and rolled to the earthquakes of California, tried to not freeze to death during the winter blizzards of South Dakota, then finally learn how to cope with the frequent tornados and the snowmageddon's of Georgia!

During my years of “training” I learned that over 80% of Americans work and live in an urban environment but don’t know the basic steps to take, or preparations to make, should the power fail, major storms hits, or even what things to do when acts of terrorism occur.

By 2007 I decided to take all of my practical knowledge, and quite a bit of actual experience, and started down the road to becoming a teacher. I first started by opening a business selling prepping and disaster preparedness supplies at local gun and prepping shows throughout the Southeast.

Unfortunately, in 2012 I was forced to close my business when the economy collapsed. During that time, and for the following few years, people were a little more concerned about surviving what was currently happening, then things that might or might not occur in the future.

So I targeted my teaching to those who were more concerned about preparing for disasters than worrying about the economy that was already on the road to recovery, I worked hard on teaching others how to survive in a urban areas through direct one on one instruction, or teaching larger groups at rental halls or in private homes.

When things were slow, or when I couldn’t find employment, I supplemented my income by writing articles for internet based publishing companies. Then in 2013, I was asked to co-author a book called "The Peppers Pyramid", (available on Amazon but I haven't been paid any royalties yet!) and started writing articles for my website: urbansurvivorgroup.com.

Unfortunately, in the spring of 2015, I suffered a back injury that has left me partially disabled and completely unemployable until my insurance company approves the surgery I need, or I can afford to pay for it myself. But I still have my dream and each day I continue to write.

Now I’ve come to ask you for help. To teach, I only need a classroom. But to make it work, as my classes will be given freely to those who want to learn, it needs to be self-sustaining. So I would want also want to incorporate a small store, designed around the concept of providing urban prepping and emergency survival supplies. I’ve also had the dream of building a Disaster Response Team with vehicles and trailers that could quickly respond whenever and wherever disasters occur but thats not a dream for the hear and now.

I’ve always believed that if I could teach others how to survive, there would be fewer victims in the world, just more survivors.. www.urbansurvivorgroup.com


Organized by

Ken Clark

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