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Teach on the Beach, Intl. (TOB) is an international non-profit organization connecting compassionate global citizens with underprivileged youth along beautiful Busua Beach in the Western region of Ghana. Tax ID 27-4141793


Cultivating leaders of change in education is no easy task, especially while acclimating to another cultural environment. But we, my friend, are up to the challenge. 

At TOB, we use volunteer travel to fuel a set of dynamic educational programs.  Our volunteers provide a steady supply chain of compassion, enthusiasm and understanding that leads to greater institutional learning. The end result is a virtuous cycle around our goal: to plant seeds of knowledge and nurture young minds to embrace a love of learning. 

As a 100% volunteer organization, all of our revenues go to sustaining our scholarships and after school programs. Yes, this means we don't get paid, but we are quite satisfied to transform our lives and do whatever we possibly can to help out.