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Team J: Ride Across America 2016 to increase Hydrocephalus Awareness

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Jesiah is a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at 15 months old. Hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain," is a really crappy incurable condition in which Jesiah's brain produces excess cerebral spinal fluid (CFS). As a baby, before the age of two, he already endured his first brain surgery in which a ventriculoperitoneal (vp) shunt was placed in the ventricle of his brain to divert the fluid, through a tube, to his abdomen. Jesiah has endured 22 brain surgeries. That sucks. Surgery is the only treatment for Hydrocephalus. This means that every time the shunt gets clogged with brain matter, it gets a kink, or just quits working Jesiah gets deathly ill and must be operated on immediately. February of 2015, after 21 shunt malfunctions, numerous operations, countless infection, and innumerable hospitalizations, his vp shunt was removed and a lumboperitenial (LP) shunt was placed to divert CFS. Jesiah has suffered three shunt revisions on his LP shunt... February 2015 brought another tragic diagnosis for Jesiah: cancer. Doctors diagnosed him with a completely unrelated rare pediatric stomach cancer called a Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor, or Wild-type GIST. Approximately 4-8 kids are diagnosed yearly with this type of sarcoma. This type of cancer is so new and rare there has been no protocol for treatment developed and Jesiah's only option was to have a large portion of his stomach removed. Daily Challenges Chronic suffering has caused Jesiah to be schooled at home. He is restricted by pain associated with multiple brain surgeries, multiple abdominal surgeries, and chronic debilitating headaches give Jesiah many obstacles to overcome each day. There is Hope! Team J, a multi-sport team, was developed by Jesiah's grandfather in response to his grandson's suffering. There are 15 team members who comprise Team J and compete in various track meets, Triathlons, and cycling tours on behalf of wellness and hope for Jesiah's future. Ride Across America will be completed in Spring 2016 by selected members of Team J. This ride will be approximately 2600 miles, beginning in Sandiego, California and will end in Columbus, Ohio and will take 30-40 days to complete. This ride is to increase awareness of the two diseases Jesiah suffers from: Hydrocephalus and GIST. Bikers will spread the word with literature, press interviews, "Crazy Guy on a Bike" blog, and social media. Your donations and sponsorships will help to cover disease literature, campgrounds, tents, sleeping bags, hydration, nutrition, shipping biking equipment to California, and literature detailing Jesiah's story. JESIAH HOPES TO FILL WELL ENOUGH TO RIDE A FEW MILES WITH HIS TEAM WHEN THEY REACH OHIO!! YOU CAN DO IT JESIAH!!!! Giving $1 will help us spread Jesiah's story. Please help. Thank you, Tyna- Jesiah's Mom



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