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Team Letti

Organized by: Kelcie Mae

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My puppy Letti was severely beaten by a man i thought i could trust. By the grace of god i was able to get her back from the awful situation and seeing my puppy in the condition she was in i had no choice because at the time i couldn't afford the vet bill, but i had to sign my dog over to caring hearts for canines. & i tell you what, from this day forward i will always recommend them bc even though their foster medical staff had their tied saving as many puppies as they possibly could. They simply just heard me crying on the phone in shocking and knew by the sound of my voice it was gonna be a bad case. & before the director of the non profit organization even saw Letti, she was willing to help me. And thank god she did because if they wouldn't have helped me, Letti wouldn't be alive today. & every day is a struggle for her right now and she is only a 9 week old puppy that never deserved this kind of disaster. But i will say, i named her Letti because just like Vin Deisel's girlfriend in the movie fast and furious. This choas wasn't supposed to happen to my sweet innocent baby, and she has been through enough hell already and she is coming back to life slowly and im walking by faith with this cause thats all i can possibly do right now. But i truly believe with the right help she can come back just like Letti in the movie and be a bad ass dog like she is ment to be with gods help and prayers and a little help finically. Cause im sure yall other furr mamas know vet bills can be expensive. And like i said this was one of those things that hit you like a text message, it was an unexpected tragedy that nobody was ready for BUT caring hearts for canines has got my baby back to eating and walking. She is pernamently blind, but i know my other puppy Luna will be a great seeing eye dog one day if letti can pull through this. But my poor sweet baby Letti now has a neurological brain disorder its called Ataxia. And her bone around her eye is fractured. So she is going through some serious stuff that she didn't deserve. And animal control has been called by an animal hospital that had seen her before i took her to caring hearts for canines. So all i can do is pray justice is served for my sweet baby Letti. Im asking for help because as the director said money is being used more than it is coming in. So if everyone that this simply touches your heart donors a dollar you could help me save my puppies life! She is a risk of seizures right now, so i had no choice but to leave her in the hands of medical professionals right now cause i knew there was no way i could deal with this tragedy on my own. So i ask that if your willing please help my puppy, because she deserves to live, she didnt deserve what she has had to go through and will continue to go through for the rest of her life. If she is struggling to the point she is miserable, i will have no choice but to put my baby down. I need help at this point to keep my baby ALIVE! because as a non profit organization caring hearts for canine can only use what money they have but honestly the money goes out quicker than it goes in. I hate this happen but there is a solution to the financial struggles and that is me simply asking for help because i cant do this alone. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemies but if it is in my puppies best interest to go to doggy heaven then ill have no choice. Just know i got her paw print as a reminder tattoo, of her memories before this happen to her. She was just a 2 week old baby that i rescued and bottle fed and i hope she does pull through but thats in God's hands at this point. Im setting it at 3,ooo because like i said her vet bills are expensive and i simply just want my baby to be able to come home to me. But truth of the matter is caring hearts needs more money than they got coming in. I want to be able to adopt my baby back, and i will fight for my baby until her last breath cause thats just want a furr momma does. I cant sleep knowing what my baby is going through right now. So all i can do at this point is pray that my friends and people that see this it touches their heart. Because this is one of worst thing I've ever experienced in my life. & i truly need help at this point. So all i can do is give this to god and let him do his work and hope my baby survives. Thank you for all the people that have prayed for me and Letti and everyone involved with this situation. Yall are a blessing and when i count my blessing i count yall twice. Thanks for the support and the daily love yall show me and letti you, have no idea how much it helps me to know other people care too!


Organized by

Kelcie Mae

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Kelcie is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Team Letti.

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